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March was a great month!

yeah! March was a great Month, i got so many thing to do, first. i did an interview of Andrew Lin about his make-up company, will be online pretty soon then i was busy with a new client who want a full animation video for his new company based in beijing (but originaly from USA)The video will be online on youtube and youku soon :)then of course i went to HK, where i met my friend and attend some events as music battle and the AFA , if im correct.hong kong was really the most busy time i had there... events, shoot the short movie with my friend and work on the animation for the beijing client in same time...the short movie we made was actually new step for me, because i got chance to get the Loreo 3D Stereo Lens for my canon 550Dhere some screenshot but you cant really see clearly because you need the special glasses and your tv or monitor have to be 3D compatible as well.i just hope the result will be ok... because i have to admit that its not easy at all!......more stuff will coming soon ^_^

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Photo 505164
Our movie's going to be in 3D!?! Awesomeness!!!
about 13 years ago
Li tong 2014 2 photo by fion cao
Totally awesome Said! :D xxx
about 13 years ago
Photo 261052
I wasnt aware of the 3D lens!! :D
about 13 years ago
Photo 505164
I'm trying to use my 3D glasses to check out the images but no luck. :(
about 13 years ago


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