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Me and apple is not really a good relationship...

it start with the ipod 10 years ago... few days later, "paf" doesnt work anymore... then the first iphone... few weeks later the screen touch doesnt work...so i bought a new one..where that same day the screen broke... -_-So i stopped buy any apple product... until two month ago when i went to Singapore For holiday and i saw that superb discount for macbook pro 15", i bought it.... 2 month later ( it was the longest time that apple product was well with me) the screen doesnt work anymore...so i need go, next week, to the apple store, and hope i dont need pay to replace it (but see my luck with apple... i dont hope too much...)Hate you Apple!!!Edit: when i said its very a bad relationship... look what the ipad did yesterday!!![](/attachments/2012/06/28/10/49112_201206281048381.thumb.jpg)

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