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Alfred Fights Jennifer Tse in The Recruit https://t.co/6yWp2y1vGr https://t.co/Av06slrGu6

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Start your week off right. Get it done! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utp_zalpQrs

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Jenn Tse beats up Alfred in parking lot

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My life story - https://youtu.be/wuwH5eC24Tg

I've always wanted to live my life in a way that could serve as an example for others who were interested in taking the path less traveled but were afraid of making the leap. It's not easy to get out of our comfort zone and it's not easy to jump off the conveyor belt. At times I didn't necessarily know what to do, but I always had clear razor focus on my intentions. All the major milestones in my life have been manifested through clear intent...Read more

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谍影戰士:謝婷婷 邢思傑: https://t.co/uJWy81wQR2 via @YouTube

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谍影戰士:謝婷婷 邢思傑

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Test fight with HK actress/model/friend Jennifer Tse 謝婷婷 -- who wanted to go hard and shoot some action and she went hard! We put this together in a day. https://youtu.be/f1AbOVnJD2c Camera by my good friend Daniel Cotroneo who is always down to go out and shoot under any condition. Colored by the amazing Tommy T Trinh who makes everything look good! Action Design, editing, writing, etc this guy - Alfred Hsing first time dabbling with after effects.. Shot on a7sii. Fun shoot with great people. Great job to J...Read more

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Alfred Hsing (邢思杰) Actor|Action Coordinator|Stunts

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