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first day in HK!

i'm at home now, so i have time for write something about the trip ^^

the first day, we have to take the flight at 9.15 am so we woke up at 5.00.... and yes... the night before we went to party... you can guess how tired i was =_=


In the flight, i slept almost all the trip even when i wake up, i felt like my eyes want stay closes but anyway!! i was waiting for this moment since longtime so, be stronge (....)

look my eyes -_- (aahh yes many people didnt regonize me cause no i wear glasses, only Li-tong regonize me! thanks ;) )

yah, even askbenny was with us!!! :D

...Also B-kut... but he was'nt so talktive... i dont know why...

when i arrived at shenzhen, they ask me to fill a file about the flu and put the mask -- it was too hot inside the mask  vv

teenage mutant flu ninja....

once we arrive at HK (mongkok), im going to change my money that i heard a stronge noise!!!

a mercedes drive little bit impatient, try to pass the bus by the right side... but unfortunately for him, the bus was slow cause he should turn in left side.. stupid mercedes driver who cannot wait... poor car :(

it was our bus...

finally, i went to the hotel,,, sleep little bit and go meet some friend in... i forget the name again... with lot of bars etc the kind of street, i really dont like. (like henshan road in shanghai)

i was so hungry that i ate a kebab (so longtime!!!) and i saw a very funny scene!

a guy little bit drunk (too early...) seem like he fall in love for  girl he already have a bf....

he dont want let her go and he stay on the floor for her.... (why its always this kind of thing happen around me ?-_-)

anyway, after the late dinner , i join my mom, jae, mio and others for go to cliq!

but i didnt stay longtime.... i was really very very tired....

To be continued....

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haha welcome to HK my friend. where Crazy shit is a constant 24/7 =P
about 15 years ago


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