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Mio Shiraishi

Love is in the air

We are very excited to announce that we will have our special showcase at Le baron de paris on 23rd March. You can watch 2 of the world’s legends in the pole history perform and other stunning performances! I'm very glad to be a part of this show. I'm gonna dance and act as a burlesque dancer.  

Jenyne Butterfly

The first US Pole Dance Champion and the placed 2nd in the World, artist from the shows Le Reve (produced by Cirque du Soleil director Dragone) She is one of the world's most renown pole dancers and aerial artists!

Jenyne Movie

Natasha Wang is widely regarded as one of the world's most skilled pole dancers who holds the titles of US Pole Dance Champion 2011, USPDF West Coast Champion 2010, California Pole Dance Champion 2010, and East Meets West Miss Pole-AM 2010.

Natasha Movie!

In addition to these 2 incredible performers, artists from the most famous Canadian circus group, top competitors from the International Pole Championship 2012 Hong Kong, Pole Dance Tokyo representative Lu Nagata, instructors, students and talented artists from Pole Dance Tokyo Studio will join together and share stunning performances for 1.5 hours!

Produce by Lu Nagata


Date: 23rd March 2012 

1st OPEN 18:30: / START 19:00 / CLOSE 20:30

2nd OPEN 20:30 / START 21:00 / CLOSE 22:30

*1st and 2nd are same shows.

Venue: Le Baron de Paris 3-8-40-B1 Minamioayama Minatoku Tokyo

Tel 03-3408-3665 >>map


Priority sales for PDT members 3rd - 6th March

Tickets are available to the general public for purchase 7th March -

For the optimum viewing pleasure for our guests, we have limited ticket sales. Please buy your ticket at the studio or online or call 03-5941-8998 in advance.

  • Reservation seat (Advance) 4,500 yen / with one drink. *You can order food with additional fee.

seating chart : - Standing(Advance) 3,500 yen / with one drink.

  • Standing(At the door) 4,000 yen / with one drink.

**Volunteer Staff Wanted! (Free entrance) Please contact us. **

Artists :

・ Jenyne Butterfly / The first US Pole Dance Champion and the placed 2nd in the World

・ Natasha Wang / US Pole Dance Champion 2011

・ Lu Nagata / Representative of PDT, the producer of this event

・ Paul Lazar / ex Cirque Du Soleil [ZED] Violinist

・ Philippe Aymard / ex Cirque Du Soleil [ZED] artist

・ Guillermo Boyd / Tango Dancer

・ Naomi King and Liye Akatsuka / International pole championship 2012 finalist

・ Diana Ababii / Burlesque dancer, International pole championship 2008 Pole Art Category Champion

・ Tomo / International pole championship 2009 finalist

・ Miyako / PDT Pole dancer

・ Naomi Black / PDT Pole dancer

・ Burlesque PDT student team (Mio, Haruka, Ayaka)

・ Hitomi Jungle PDT student team ( Yukari, Chizuru, Takashi, Natsuki and Nagisa )

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Pole Dance Tokyo  

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Burlesque chair dance at Velours Tokyo

Video: I have been burlesque dancing for over 3 years. Here is a latest performance I did last Oct.

Now I'm busy with dance rehearsals for Christmas event on 18th at Xex Nihonbashi. I will perform pole dance , chair dance and burlesque dance. Come see my show if you are in Tokyo! ;)


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strip tease pole

Video: This is my latest performance at Velours Aoyama. I choreographed by myself. I love the song and my own choreo. 


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Photo shoot at Tantra

I had a photo shoot with Ania at Tantra, the strip club for fun.

I got this "skull" corset at Camden market in London. I love it alot.

This pose is called"Butterfly"

I like this photo. :P


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Sagrada familia

One of the most important things to do in Barcelona for us was to visit Sagrada familia.

Since we stayed several minutes away from the church, we saw it every single day while we were in Barcelona. One day we woke up early and queue for the tickets and went inside.

And... this is inside of the church!

We took a lift to the top of the building.

Still under construction

Stairs (Francis was in Barcelona too! It's a small world.)

Another stairs

Awwww getting   tired!

How many steps are there left?

Sagrada familia at night

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One day trip to Monserrat

We decided to go to Monserrat. It took about 2 hours by train and cable car from Barcelona. Monserrat is a place where Gaudi went often to get inspiration. The shape of rocks are very interesting.

There is a church on the mountain. It has  Black Maria statue which was found in a cave long time ago. This place is very special for christian.

More pictures at mountain

We liked the senery alot.  It worth going. :)


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Barcelona trip 2011

I spent spring holidays in Barcelona , Spain. This is my second trip to Spain. First time was 5 years ago, I went to Madrid to see football match. I like Barcelna better than Madrid now.

We stayed at an apartment hotel near famous Sagrada familia.

There are many Gaudi buildings. We went to see some of them.

Casa mila

I liked the rooftop at casa mila.

Then Guel park

The sky in Spain is so blue compare to London! I will upload more pics later. :)


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Smelly Tofu

On the street in Guangzhou at night....

I smell something strange. Very smelly....

It was smelly Tofu, I've never tried.

Jae insisted on eating. He chose the most smelly one.

He bought 2 packets accidentally. (on purpose??) So I tried one packet.

How is it, Jae?

Actually it wasn't bad. The taste was just fried tofu with some chilli.

But I orefer eating strawberries with candy for date.


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Chinese new year in Guangzhou ~2~

5 minutes befor midnight we were back at Jae's grand mother's place.

We celabrated new year and I got red packets!!!

Grand mother prepared sweet soup with mochi and beans. It was very good.

In Japan, we have soba noodle on New year's eve. I prefer this soup better than noodle.

These are some snacks for new year

This is very difficult to peel skin to get seed

This one is a bit easer.

We went back to hotel. We woke up early next morning.

Lion dance in front of the hotel.

First day is vegitaian day. They dont eat meat. Because we don't kill any animals on new year's day.

I love this carrot cake.

Cute visitor

I ate alot every day in Guangzhou. I gained 1.5kg in 5 days. argggghhhhhhhh

I got fat because of CNY !

But I got lots of red packets.

I definately had a good time in Guangzhou. Though it is regrettable, I can't speak Chinese. I've decided to learn Cantonese. This is my  New Year's resolution. :)




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