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ridiculous question about my last short video

Some peoples on internet have really stupid questions sometimes... seems they dont really think before to type... the first one was one of my friend on Weixin (chinese whatsapp) " Hey, i saw the video, it was great!! But i have question... the guys you killed they are all in pixels... is that a codec problem or my player have problem?"Ok, that question was cute indeed... the next one was superb!!!!! i got it 10 min ago!:that one deserve a screenshot![](/attachments/2012/07/04/20/49112_201207042058541.thumb.jpg)i loved it!!!!!  -_-

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Hahaha nice! I remember when i first started directing films and before i started acting, i would post up videos saying "hey check out this video i directed and produced" and i had one friend write me and email sayung something along the lines of "i'm so annoyed. I sat through and watched that entire crappy video and i didn't see you in it at all. Who the hell made that video. Why would you email it out if you're not even in it." I kind of wanted to smack her hahaha
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Belgian independant filmmaker in China! Making some cool short films online! 比利時導演住中國拍攝酷的微電影。

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