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Eleventh Shandong, China National Games Wushu end of the game, my way of defending finally come to an end, I would like to thank so many years been concerned about, help, understand and support my leadership, coaches, family members, brothers and sisters, Without your strength I can not go today, heartfelt thank you!

Video: http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XMTI1NDM4NjQw/v.swf






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成功!恭喜!!! 再贏了!!!
over 13 years ago
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hen hao!!!! wo can ni de qiang/jian!! hen hao!!!!
over 13 years ago
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over 13 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
gongxi ni! it was great to see you again! i hope to see you again soon.
over 13 years ago
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恭喜剑哥 呵呵
over 13 years ago
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u did it again! wow! amazing! congrat bro! u should take me for dinner some day ! :)
over 13 years ago
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over 13 years ago
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very good!
over 13 years ago
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over 13 years ago
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hey brother, very cool!
over 13 years ago


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