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VICTOR, the boss....

snow !!!!!!! :O

he is taaalllll!!!

Ukraine wushu champion, Alona and Alex!!!

i love snow!! but so coooolllldd!!!!!

the kids there is so funny.... very full of passion!! they are handsome and beautiful!

i miss u guys!!! very fun place!!!

this is cheese, taste like salt! :)

Thanks to AND, i met Victor... and can have fun trip there.... so faaar from my home..!

2 hour from home to airport....13 hour in airplane,6 hour in Holland transit, 4 hour again in airplane..... 12 hour in the train, 2 hour in the car,.... then i get there!! :)

i want more tour!!!! more faar more better!!! :D

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Chinese New Year January 2009, we rock the CIPUTRA MALL for 4days!!! tha audience is crazy!

training for wushu drama, and the parents... feel very nervous for the show..!!


hafidz.... where are these audience come from????

Edgar become the real hero of the celebration!!

the trailer video.. of Little Shaolin Wonder Kid.....hope ill blog it soon..

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its very very late.. :)... i know... hehehe prety busy..

very sory to all my friends for a very late message reply. here some photo activity..

Christmas Wushu show..

me and my big bro... its 20 meter high.. and i hate height!!

very bad to take this stunt in Christmas, i didnt know it 20 meter... :(

but very very glad when everything done well, it felt very goood.


Berlin Wushu Team.. MAX HUANG in AND (

visit to Harmony Wushu Team, come to my town Bogor... we are very happy,but unfortunately the time was too short only 1 night. so here are the video we make for fun ... :) Video:

Max, we are very happy to meet u, maybe some day ill visit u in German!!


Sylvia has just join our Wushu club!! she is national champion, and our Coach now :)


Vacation..Holyday...with family......

my beautiful ladies..........

in Bali Wushu junior championship.....

with England Wushu Team, Sam Mack. my students love him!

Very nice Westin Hotel 5 star in Bali...

here is my nephew, Zelix Nebulani... 3 years old.

Chinese New Year is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25 -26 January!!! Much much Fun!!

i hope every day is new year!!!!! some new trailer.. my students....



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2nd WORLD JUNIOR WUSHU CHAMPIONSHIP in Bali Nusa Dua, Westin Hotel, 5 star.

two my students, Erwein ( 15 years old ) and Kelvin ( 12 ) Erwein got gold in sword and silver in spear. Kelvin got silver in cudgel. they are about 2-3 years training, very diligent and dedicated.

The competition is compited by 44 country.

not bad. Indonesia got 6 gold medal, the first place is china 16 gold, second is japan got 8 gold i think,little forgot.

CONGRAT FOR THE HARD WORK! keep on fighting!

for more compettion result info check

more pic will post sooon..

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my birth town,... TEMBAGAPURA

this is my birth town, called Tembagapura in Irian jaya / Papua. its the edge of the human civilization may i say. un touch jungle, were a sea floor hundred millions years ago, many fossil and mineral. i stay there till 1993, never visit there again. i got these pic from a frind, a pic in 2007. not change even 10% since i live in this 15years.

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Harmony Wushu Stunt...

for Max Huang in German Wushu Team..

Max, i make this video this morning, unfortunatly the other friends didnt come so just single stunt here. but tommorow ill make the fight session.

this man is our stunt senior, also the most senior indonesian stunt man today, he is 38 years old, about 15  years experience in film. his name is Usman Shabu. He loves martial arts to death, hehe.. he is an actor, fight coreographer, stunt, coach, was a trouble maker, debt collector too :P and a good friend and a good father. his background is from traditional wushu, kick boxing, gymnastic.


coming up.. from the team....the Urban style, Pencak Silat style, Parkour, etc..  :)

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take a look!!

artist profile....

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Fedor Emelianenko... MMA world champion ( one of the best )

I just have to blog him.. he is my MMA hero!!Video:

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