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To do list.

The shows up and running but still much fine tuning to do. It feels like we've built a temporary contemporary art museum, which you might normally take years to build but we did it in 10 days!

So, apologies for it not being absolutely perfect yet but we'll continue to improve things over the coming weeks.

This week I will:

1: Add Chinese subtitles on all the films.

So many of the films were finished very last minute so couldn't be translated until last week. I've spent the last few days working on this with Florian and we're almost finished.

2: Improve the 3D edit.

It's still a bit off here and there, can do better.

3: Improve trapeze edit.

Ugh, this is a tough one. Trying to get the slow motion parts sharper.

4: hologram re-shoot.

The content is not good enough so we're gonna re-shoot on Wednesday and should be up by the weekend.

5: Fix broken neons.

The skaters ran into one and some drunk chick smashed another so they're in the shop now being fixed.

6: The book!

We will launch a book of the show but we couldn't do this until the show was up and running so we could photograph it. When  it's ready maybe we'll do another party.

7: retail.

We're gonna do a little shop with some merchandise, toys and the book and t-shirts.

8:Secret films.

I've installed a few of these already but there are more to come. Tiny TV's that play quick loops of odd thing. They're like paint splashes.

9:Skate ramp fix up.

It's so trashed. But we encourage people to come skate it whenever you like. 10am-8pm everyday.

10: Prodips paintings.

They're a bit hidden, need to light better, my own paintings need the same. Lighting is extremely difficult to install at the space. We had no idea about this until we were onsite building. very limited what we can do unfortunately.

Phew, that's a lot! And I got like 20 people waiting for paintings too! Anyone have any other comments do let me know.

Funny thing at the opening, people left their beers all over the sculptures! I've never seen that at an art exhibition before. People using hugely expensive and precious pieces of art to leave their beers on. And people seem to have no problem here touching the works. People all week have been jumping on the stage to get their photo taken squeezing the monster sculptures.

One guy tried to climb one of the big letters! Un-fucking believable.

Only in Hong Kong....!

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