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the endless

ok, we're almost done with chinese translations. very tricky stuff.

tomorrow, (friday 23rd) is the Louis Vuitton event. This is kinda private VIP gig but I owe LV because they've supported me here in HK for many years so am quite happy to give them whatever they need.

it'll be a low profile thing, i'll give a talk and show people around the exhibition. should be fun.

lots of work still to do, the accounts are a mess because the person responsible turned out to have been a bad choice. and the government still haven't given us the money they said they were gonna pay us and contractors are asking for money. we're trying to undo the damage made by that person, who we are no longer working with, but it's a nightmare.

still trying to fine tune the show and one weak point we feel is the hologram so last night we worked through the night re-shooting monsters to try and get some good quality content for that particular part of the show.

it was tough going. myself, alvina, AJ, laura, eric were all there and we've all put so much energy into the project now we're all a bit burnt out. Alvina is always an angel, she gives so much energy and support but never asks anything in return. quite the antithesis of other people who haven't given much but make quite aggressive demands. amanda came to help too, beautiful and generous as always

the publisher for ArtForum (big international art magazine) dropped by the show yesterday and said he thought the show was awesome. he was a really nice guy too. i don't know many people in the greater art world but this guy seemed pretty switched on and genuine. he really liked the A Factor film (he actually knows Ai Wei Wei and said he'd show him the film). that's pretty cool because i'm really impressed by Ai Wei Wei's work so it would be nice to know that he saw the film he's in (you gotta see the film to know what i'm talking about).

I saw Terence tonight (he's in the A Factor film in the exhibition) and took great pleasure in telling him that people really liked the film. He's such a good guy. As are Simon, Derek and Vince who helped me make it. Art is so much fun when it's shared.

we had a lot of press come over the last few days. Cang Xin (who contributed a wonderful piece of worm) was here all the way from Beijing, one of the most inspiring artists i know of,  but most of the press ignored him. it was a bit embarrassing. the guy deserves more respect.

Anyway, here's some shots from last night....

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