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Close & Personal

“Getting spit on the face or becoming momentarily deaf or even having someone step on my leg wasn’t enough to distract me, I was there with the characters and in the play”

You only truly experience the performance of the actors and the essential difference between watching a movie and a play when you seat at the e...Read more

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A Bitter Oscar!


There were so many fantastic VFX movies last year. From the (Hollywood) blockbusters such as The Avengers, The Hobbit, Prometheus or a film that didn’t get as much attention as it deserved; Looper, or even Total Recall that didn’t do so well at the box office but Double Negative’s work on it was top notch.

One however, stood out from the rest. Life of Pi was the most beautiful movie of the year. Sure the work on the tiger was unbelie...Read more

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Out of words

Life Drawing SketchIn the business of daily life and dealing with its’ never ending surprises! I forgot to write more about my attempts in drawing and how the workshop ended. Seemed less important at the time but today I came across one of my life drawing sketches and it felt so alien. I feel I’ve been just rushing through my life in the last few years tryin...Read more

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Hand Styls; A Quick Review

Kickstarter has given birth to many styluses last year and Hand was one of the most successful ones bagging $313,490 from their original $25,000 goal. Created by Steve King, this stylus is inspired by the design of the mechanical pen and pencils. Featuring on...Read more

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Ernest & Celestine

Last week, I watched a very interesting French animation called ”Ernest & Celestine‘’. This very beautifully made hand drawn animation all in water colour, reminds you of your childhood and simplify of everything while carrying a bigger message underneath about the social classes and the gaps created in the societies f...Read more

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to draw: getting better

Charcoal is such an amazing medium! Sure it has its limitations but the fluidity it provides just makes the drawing very relax and loose. Last couple of session I’ve been doing life drawing; very difficult but quiet an amazing study of the body. I still find it difficult to get proportion right, but there’s something developing in me which I like, I know I have the potential do it now, could take a while or a more than a few attempts, but I can feel it’s getting better.

Read more

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Happy Birthday John Williams!

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra had a special performance of John Williams’s music to celebrate his 80th birthday (a few months in advanced!) in London Royal Albert Hall. The winner of 5 Oscars, Williams is a legend amongst film music composers whose work has contributed towards the success of countless motion pictures; from Star Wars to Harry Pott...Read more

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to draw: it’s a process


Understanding the relationship between the objects is not as easy as you would think! To be able to accurately estimate their size and distance form each other and reflect that in your drawing, takes a lot of practise. What I’ve learned from these two classes is you need to continually improve and correct your work, eras...Read more

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to draw

Although I’m very interested in drawing, despite my nonexistence skills, I’ve never made any serious attempt in learning, not sure why!

Today, that changed as I’ve joined a workshop in Kingston University (Knights Park Campus) where I did my bachelor a few years ago. The name of the course is “You Can Draw”. It’s fairly a small group; people with different rang...Read more

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Freedom of Creation

London 2012 Olympic Games finally draw to an end leaving many memorable moments behind. I thought London did a fantastic job and English people should be very proud. A lot was going on during the games including some competitions. One was organised by the toy/figure maker Read more

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