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Out of words

Life Drawing SketchIn the business of daily life and dealing with its’ never ending surprises! I forgot to write more about my attempts in drawing and how the workshop ended. Seemed less important at the time but today I came across one of my life drawing sketches and it felt so alien. I feel I’ve been just rushing through my life in the last few years trying to find some stability, I have missed on so many other things, and when you discover that stability is just a mirage, things come in focus; You must either choose to make peace with the chaos and continue or, well give up! Nevertheless, even giving up is a choice. Life is such a bizarre experience, there are really no words to describe it.

The last day of the workshop, everyone was gathering their drawings to take with them, I didn’t see the point. I wasn’t impressed with my body of the work, and those I thought I was able to capture something interesting were recorded on my digital companion, so I threw them all in the rubbish bin. Just before leaving and to my surprise, someone asked if she could have one of my drawings, I had to go back and take everything out of the rubbish bin and find it for her, it felt strange, as if I was going through the days of my life that I had no care for, to find something that someone else thought it meant something, did it?

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