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Digital Lomo! A review of Holga Lens for Canon DSLR [Plus Lomography's Diana Lens]

*Updated: Lomography’s Diana Lens

I don’t know what is it about old-fashioned things that attracts us, maybe it’s the history, the richness … or maybe we just want to look cool!

One of the very popular old looks are photos; vintage, lomo or the effects produced by an analogue camera is almost considered an art form these days! With digital cameras completely pu...Read more

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The Best Note Taking App for iPad!

Let me just make something clear; there’s no such a thing as “best” or “perfect” note taking app! each app offers a different type of experience which in turn makes it unique! and there are plenty of them out there. I’ve tried nearly 30 paid and free versions to realize this! Read more

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A new bag; feeling organized!

ready to go!

Finding a new bag is a never an easy task! something that has enough space for all your belongings ,is not too heavy, not too big and also looks nice is an unbelievably difficult challenge! It’s not something that you can do online either coz it always looks better there!

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… he felt nothing.

His ears were still buzzing, as if he was still inside the packed train, hearing all the chatters, noise, occasional laughters … looking at an Indian guy standing next to the door staring at the white screen on his iphone, he felt like he’s seen this before! or the two ladies in front him talking and laughing out loud ignoring everything and everyone around them. He had to let go of the bar he was holding coz one of them was constantly moving and leaning to it making him and a few other moving heir hands behind her!.He was more curious tha...Read more

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Goomi Green

It’s been a while since I’ve added new photos to my gogo bar! so today I give you Groomi Green!

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The Difference Award

My last film "The Question Mark" that you can see below won 'The Difference' Award in the 11th Land Crab Film Festival in Bournemouth UK. It was very pleasing to be recognized for trying something a little different.

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The Question Mark +Breakdown

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EOS 500d Video Recording Test

I recently used a canon eos 500d camera to make my last film " Trace". The camera records a pretty decent HD quality video at 30 frame per second for 720p and 20fps for full HD (1080p - The processor is not strong enough to handle a faster frame rate for full HD unlike Canon 5D Mark II).   There's a very limited control over the video settings, however, there are ways to overcome some of them. Auto Exposure and white balance  can be locked so ...Read more

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the details we miss

sometimes there are interesting details around us,but we miss them because they are so small!like the reflections of the world in raindrops!have you ever seen them?

1:Building 2-4:Bus

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My Latest Film: Trace

My latest film; an abstract story.

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