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Shadow Man:The Return of the Darkness

Shadow Man:The Return of the Darkness Official Trailer from Sam Salek on Vimeo.

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What's Real?

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Super Busy Days!

These days are super busy! Working and a few projects and also the university assignments which never end! Don’t have enough time to do more research on the techniques that I want to develop for my next film. Last week I spent all my free time to figure out the most efficient way to do 3d Match moving but processing the live footage to extract the coordinates is taking a lot of time and making a video clip purely based on this technique seems unreasonable. 

(My First 3D Match moving Test)

On the other hand, the writing secti...Read more

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The new taste of the final year

Life is back to normal; the usual things; going to uni, meeting up with the friends, working on the projects, but everything is a bit different; this is the final year! And  the time that I need to think about the near future seriously, I mean really seriously! It’s like waking up from a sweet dream! After working for a few years I came back to study and compare to working it’s a real fun! Anyways, this is the latest updates on me! Plus a video of my naughty neighbor!;

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Going back to UK

Fast! so fast! Nearly two months passed with a blink of an eye and I have to go back to my studies, projects, works and … it’s gonna be a crazy year! But hopefully a successful one! And a year that I will make a new short film! Yeahhh!

while packing my things I've realized that i have to leave 15 kg behind! all fooooods ... oh ...why there should be a limit on how much luggage i can carry? 22kg is nothing! Read more

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Iran defeats China 3-1 to win Asian championships

Tehran, Aug 31, IRNA- Iran's Youth Volleyball Team beat China 3-1 on Sunday to become the champion in the Asian Youth Volleyball Championships. The Iranian team trounced China in the four-game contest and won the gold medal. The team overpowered China 25-15 in the first, 25-18 in the second, 23-25 in the third and 25-22 in the final round.

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Now that he was thinking about it, it seemed funny, in a bitter way, that he had to try so hard not to show his real emotions, the emotions that never felt more pure and true. Always trying to maintain his distance, not to say all the words that were filling his heart, and to be always one step behind, like a shadow. Witnessing the things that he was hoping are all just a bad nightmare.

Maybe he was doing all this to see a sign; a sign he waited so long for it to come that made him to forget himself, and he felt forgotten, but it didn’t com...Read more

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Univited guests in the house!

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Super shy Chinese in Iran!

I’ve been staying in Kish Island in the south of Iran for more than two weeks. It’s one of the most attractive natural landscapes in the Middle East region.  Over the last few years a lot of Chinese have come here to work and nowadays you can see them everywhere and there are two big Chinese shops one just opened this month. I have tried for many times to do an interview with some of them but for some reasons as soon as they realize I want to do that they have two reactions!; one group suddenly start to pretend that they don’t know...Read more

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