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can't remember

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The Broken; A Closer Look

"The Broken" was chosen as the second popular student work by the audience of our course degree show. I was a bit surprised since if I had to pick myself I would have chosen "The Fall" amongst my other works to be the better one in terms of the storyline. I'm not so sure how close The Broken's audience understanding was to my idea behind the shots.Read more

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The other side of the river!

IMG_0440never been to the other side of the river in Kingston!and today was the first time. It was nice, felt like a different city!  had a very pleasant walk by the river followed by an interesting conversation with Viola. she mentioned a few stories from her trips to different parts of China; there's an area with three villages each has a differ...Read more

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The Fall

My Last Film; The Fall.

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a magical eye!

What I like about photography is not only hearing that ‘click’ sound when you take a picture! Or the satisfaction that you feel after taking a good photo … in fact none of these are really important… when you have the camera in your hands and want to take a photo suddenly everything becomes important. All the det...Read more

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never sent.

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homeless years

I think the smell of the paint makes me high!I can swear I saw it was raining but there’s no cloud in the sky!This year I’m breaking my previous record for moving in a year from 3 to 4!Also my last record for the shortest stay in a place was two weeks, but this time I’m only staying for a week! … still smelling the paint! But no rain!

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Problem with opening canon raw files in Photoshop?

Photoshop CS4 can’t open some of Canon’s cameras raw files such as EOS500D or 50D. The solution is updating Photoshop camera raw by going to Help>Updates in Photoshop, and also downloading Canon RAW Codec from Read more

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the posing cat!

I think cat is the only animal that poses for the camera!they don't get scared or run away .. they stay calm and pose! and usually they give you 'the look'!

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Recordning movie with EOS 450D

When Canon EOS 500D came out featuring HD move recording, which by the way is not that good!, the owners of 450D felt cheated since they weren’t exceptinga new model to come out so soon and with movie recording ability. Canon had to release 500D pretty early after 450D to compete with Nikon D90 which was dominating the market. The good...Read more

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