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Paris; the beauty in details

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was he even there?

he knew it would rain

he knew he should take his umbrella

but he didn’t

and it rained

and he got wet

but it didn’t matter

in his mind he wasn’t getting wet

he was just there

a part of everything

a distant figure in the background

or someone you could bump into

would you notice ...Read more

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Sherlock Holmes Trailer

Work is busy as always! Currently working the new instalment of Sherlock Holmes by Guy Ritchie. The trailer came out last week and it has a few of the shots we are working on. Right now I'm working on the first stage of one of the most important sequences of the movie with 4 other artists. Can't say more about it now but it's amazing!   Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHBHMtl9YWw

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really like this shop's interior design

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It All Ended!

A decade, a generation and we can finally say goodbye to Harry Potter. It’s an epic finale to a very long journey that seemed will never end. The movie begins with the last final minutes of Part I where Voldemort open’s Dumbledore’s grave to steal his wand which I think was a good opening. The story goes very fast from there on as there’s much to be told and rhythm keeps the audience on their toes, it’s a roller coaster.

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Just Back From Harry Potter Screening

Just back from the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 2 cast and crew screening. Packed theatre in London's Leicester Square where the world première will be held as well.  David Yates the director said a few words accompanied by the executive producers before we began our last journey into J.K Rowling's world.  It was an epic finale indeed! 

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It all ends

I was very lucky to work on the last installment of the Harry Potter franchise. It was a very strange experience, a decade ago I was amazed by the movie and I never thought i would become a part of the movie myself. I was the lead for converting characters to stereoscopic for the 3D version of the movie as well as working for the paint and roto department at Framestore. We delivered 110 shot sof which I was ...Read more

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E’s Decision

Sometimes, decisions we make don’t work out the way we want, and sometimes we even know that, but nevertheless they need to be made, and when it’s done just the fact that it’s made gives us a little peace of mind, it’s like putting your feet into a cold water on a hot summer day for a few minutes, that rush of cold touching your skin.

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Analogue Lives Within Us

I’m a big fan of the digital era! The convenient, speed and the access are only very basic advantages of Digital and I don’t think we’ll ever go back. That’s not to say I don’t value how things were. The fact is what we used to experience before everything evolved into a few clicks here and there was unique and quite intimate. No digital display and stylus can replace the feeling of pen and paper. The paper’s texture and how the pen moves are engraved into our deepest memories. I guess the future generations who haven’t had these ex...Read more

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E’s Sacrifice


Made with SketchBook on iPad

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