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Gravity: The Success Stories!


Gravity’s success put spotlight on Framestore and the people who worked on it and there are stories all across the web about our contributions; here are a few featuring me:

[ View the story "Gravity" on Storify]

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Gravity wins big at the Oscars

I can’t say this was a complete surprise after the fantastic run Gravity’s had in the awards season, but winning an Oscar is still something else. Seeing our supervisor Tim Webber walking up there and accepting the award and becoming a part of an Oscar winning project feels a little surreal. Visual Effects was not the only award but only a part of an outstanding night for the film, which saw it take seven awards including Best Director for Alfonso Cuarón, Best Cinematographer for Emmanuel Lubezki, Best Editing, Sound Mixing, So...Read more

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Machine Era Wallet


It’s been 6 months since I got myself a new wallet! and I’ve been on the lookout for another interesting design, but it’s not easy to find innovation in this area. My current wallet is still functional and despite the loosened strap, still does a good job, and...Read more

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Gravity wins Special Visual Effects Bafta


It’s been such a long time since we finished working on Gravity that being reminded of it again in the award season kind of feels a little strange! Gravity has been a huge success and after winning many categories in the VES awards, just added one more trophy to its’ ever growing shelf of glory! British Academy of Film and T...Read more

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Back in Kingston


Yesterday I did two lectures for Kingston University students. I was a student there myself not long ago and graduated in 2009 from Media Technology Bsc. Going back to Kingston always brings back a lot of memories, mostly good! and I’m always happy to return and share my journey with the future digital artists. This time as well doing a presentation I also ...Read more

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Revisiting Film

YouTube Video

The film photography has been dying for years, it’s been battling with a cancer known as ‘digital’ but with each dying breath it leaves behind a legacy and a generation still discovering it.

The advantages of digital are just too many to ignore; you can take unlimited number of photos and you view the result instantly, just to name a couple of most important ones. There was a time that I was still using my film cameras for the experience, the design and co...Read more

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Tube musician in London #London##photography##fujifilm##xe1# 我在:http://t.cn/z8TRXun

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Welcome to Bethnal Green! (A Walk Down Hackney Road)

I recently moved to Bethnal Green. I’ve never lived or even spent much time in east London, so this was quiet a change of scenery or a good chance to discover a new part of London.Even though it’s been over a month, it was only a few days ago that I finally found some time to explore the area.

room view

The view from ...Read more

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London; Food Lovers Heaven!

If you are a food lover, London is one the best places to try different dishes from all over the world. This is made even easier by a lot of festivals and events featuring food as one of the main themes.

Soho Food Feast

A few month ago I went to Read more

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A Small change in my Pocket!

neww allet

After about 10 months I’m finally departing with my paper wallet! I enjoyed how slim and light it was and even renewed it once! But it’s time to try something new and what’s recyclable must be recycled! besides, finding a good wallet is no easy task so once a good one is discovered you shouldn’t turn your back on it! trust me the nex...Read more

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