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to draw

Although I’m very interested in drawing, despite my nonexistence skills, I’ve never made any serious attempt in learning, not sure why!

Today, that changed as I’ve joined a workshop in Kingston University (Knights Park Campus) where I did my bachelor a few years ago. The name of the course is “You Can Draw”. It’s fairly a small group; people with different range of skills, and we have a very good tutor. First lesson was just a loose drawing of the view from the window using charcoal, trying to understand the perspective. I enjoyed it very much and the 3 hours flew by! The next 5 lessons are going to be a mixture of different forms of drawing which I’m looking forward to very much!

I don’t think this workshop can actually teach me how to draw, 6 weeks doesn’t seem long enough to make an artist out of you! But I hope it will train my eyes to see better and understand the relationship between the objects so I can practice on my own, and it gives me the chance to try different materials for drawing… and of course, the joy of drawing!

My first attempt

The Weekend Art School

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