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Super shy Chinese in Iran!

I’ve been staying in Kish Island in the south of Iran for more than two weeks. It’s one of the most attractive natural landscapes in the Middle East region.  Over the last few years a lot of Chinese have come here to work and nowadays you can see them everywhere and there are two big Chinese shops one just opened this month. I have tried for many times to do an interview with some of them but for some reasons as soon as they realize I want to do that they have two reactions!; one group suddenly start to pretend that they don’t know Farsi (Farsi/Persian – Iranian language)while they were talking fluently just a moment ago! and the others say we are too shy to be in front of the camera! Therefore, my effort to interview any of them has been unsuccessful! 

I had a chat with one of the Iranian businessmen who’s working with Chinese here in the Island and he told me the main reason that the Chinese are refusing to do the interview is they’re afraid that by doing that other Chinese will find out about them in Iran and will come here to do business and as a result they will have more rivals here!

Well! I just hope they’re having a good time here in Iran, they seem to be happy!

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