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Super Busy Days!

These days are super busy! Working and a few projects and also the university assignments which never end! Don’t have enough time to do more research on the techniques that I want to develop for my next film. Last week I spent all my free time to figure out the most efficient way to do 3d Match moving but processing the live footage to extract the coordinates is taking a lot of time and making a video clip purely based on this technique seems unreasonable. 

(My First 3D Match moving Test)

On the other hand, the writing section of my brain is malfunctioning and I can’t come up with a good story, something original and new I mean.  I’m worried that too much work  maybe is making me stupid! … but like always I keep promising myself that tomorrow is a different day! But … well … guess that tomorrow that I’m hoping for never comes! Or maybe it did and I missed it!

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