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Eric Haze "Full Circle" !!!

Last night I had had a great time at Eric Haze's "Full Circle" exhibition at Delay No Mall.  After working with the Beastie Boys, EMPD, Public Enemy, and Tommy Boy he established himself as one of the most respected graffiti artists in the world so it was cool seeing his new pieces while hanging with some good friends. 

Props to Brian/Annie (24 Herbs, Know1edge, 852) & Diesel for doing a great job putting this event together.  I know they worked really hard making this the first MOCA event.

Haze came out strong with some great new work featuring his bold lines and clean style.  You also might recognize his work from the 24 Herbs products!

The party people!  There was so many old friends there it was crazy.  People came in from the US, Malaysia, Singapore and China to support.

Mark and Fa Gsai!  A lot of skate friends were also there since Haze is no stranger to the street/skate/art scene.

BadBoyBen (What's Good) flew into town from Kuala Lumpur while newlyweds DJ Tommy and Erica took time from FAMA's busy rehearsal schedule to come down.  It was good catching up.

MC Jin and Eddie (24 Herbs) represent!  Jin's new album "ABC" comes out August 6th with a bunch of new MVs that were done by the Alivenotdead crew so check it out!

The man of the hour Eric Haze.  This was my second time meeting Eric and it good to see him back in Hong Kong.  Best of luck man!

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nice shots Ryan, good seeing you there. maybe see you tomorrow and we got another gig next friday at Fiat launch. let you know where when we know. peace.
almost 16 years ago
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nice pics!
almost 16 years ago
Mastamic 26 mastamic
nice pictures and wish can get one of those painting home ~
almost 16 years ago


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