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Worse Than James Foo

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WHAT THE FUCK???? Not only is he NOT fixing thr problem, he's putting Malaysia a further RM60billion in debt! What the fuck??? Absolutely cannot let #malaysiaofficial1 get away with this!!!

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Wine + Tiramisu

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I find it amusing that he keeps talking about himself like he is a different person.

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The cheesy fries at Hotel Jen are the TRUTH. OMG I could eat them all day/every day. Thank you to Gavin for giving me a new addiction haha

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The Pool Sessions @ Hotel Jen was bloody epic ... The first of its kind in Penang ... even rain couldn't stop people having a good time. So so so happy to see people still in the pool up to the very last track being played!

Thank you so much to Thai-Pore and Bacardi for being the best sponsors ever, thank you to Hotel Jen for being such an amazing and accommodating venue and partner, thank you to Festival Event Management for having a mind-blowing sound and light set up, thank you to our official photographer Leon Low, thank you to the hard working promote...Read more

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OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Justice League!!!

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