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Thank you for presenting us with the China 5th Annual Hip Hip Award most popular hip hop group. Mad love! @geestyles2.0 @eddie24herbs @djkeepintouch @phat24herbs @jbs8five2 @insta24herbs #24herbs

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24HERBS at the China 5th Annual Hip Hop Award Show @insta24herbs @jbs8five2 @geestyles2.0 @phat24herbs @djkeepintouch @eddie24herbs #24herbs

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Yo Nation Guang Zhou! @jbs8five2 @geestyles2.0 @phat24herbs @djkeepintouch @eddie24herbs #24herbs

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Woohoo, we got the "Most Popular Group" award. Thank you to China Hip Hop Awards for having us.

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If you happen to know about this award in China, you should know it's all about HipHop!!! So honored to be invited as guest this year!!! See you folks 26th March! and check here for more: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5MjExNDIwMA==&mid=401645188&idx=1&sn=3c9e7ea36bdfd249717bbaa77042fe15#rd

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Guangzhou was amazing!!! Love you all!!! #YoNation #PostYouth

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Rehearsal time...

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