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Organizer announcement last night, for more details about refund, may need to contact 81TV

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Korean sensation "Girls Day" live in Hong Kong! Get your tickets and let's party! #listentoyoureyes #24herbs #dearjane #suppermoment #girlsday

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Somehow this show will be a first for us to share stage with Korean group! Girls Day and our local fellow musicians Dear Jane & Supper Moment

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See Ya!!!!

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Having a show May 28th, hope to see you guys there!

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Thank you for presenting us with the China 5th Annual Hip Hip Award most popular hip hop group. Mad love! @geestyles2.0 @eddie24herbs @djkeepintouch @phat24herbs @jbs8five2 @insta24herbs #24herbs

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about 2 months ago 100 likes  0 comment  4 shares

24HERBS at the China 5th Annual Hip Hop Award Show @insta24herbs @jbs8five2 @geestyles2.0 @phat24herbs @djkeepintouch @eddie24herbs #24herbs

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Yo Nation Guang Zhou! @jbs8five2 @geestyles2.0 @phat24herbs @djkeepintouch @eddie24herbs #24herbs

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Woohoo, we got the "Most Popular Group" award. Thank you to China Hip Hop Awards for having us.

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