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I met Alan Tam in toilet!

I met Alan Tam in toilet!!! This is the story. Last Sunday night Eric Suen孫 耀 威 had a concert at Kowloon bay. He invited me and Kit to performed one LMF song. So we go and rock the stage. Alan Tam show up at the last song too! Wow!!! So happy to see Eric back on stage! The concert goes very smooth, he did very very good job! Happy for him!

Then we go after party at Causeway bay. Then around 2 a.m.  i went toilet, the toilet was very small just can stand two mans only. After ten  seconds a man came in and said" oh someones here?" then i said " yup, sorry about that, u can use the other one."  Then i turn my face to see who is this right. Oh my god! Alan Tam!!! I was like totally shock  in that moment cuz first i never think he will be there. Second he is my idol when i was a kid. My first vinyl is this one and i still have it!  Can u believe this? I finish my job first so i wait for him until he finish, i even open the door for him. Outside the toilet almost ten peoples there to wait for him! DAMN! No chance to talk  but i still feel very happy! ALAN TAM...RESPECT!



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haa! as long as you didn't turn around in suprise and pee on his shoes!
almost 17 years ago
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haha, that's funny. you got to talk with your childhood idol in the bathroom. i saw him once while eating in the same restaurant. i also thought how unexpected it was seeing someone in person who i used to listen to as a kid.
almost 17 years ago
i do stand there and watch him pee... i feel so lucky cuz he bumping in a tiny small toilet just can fit me and him! hahahaha!
almost 17 years ago
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did he have 'weak stream'??!? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-hMU8dwbtI
almost 17 years ago
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its from SNL ('Saturday Night Live') famous comedy show in the US. they do fake commercials sometimes. some of them are pretty good. http://www.mojoflix.com/Video/Dissing-Your-Dog.html
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