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Examine oneself!

Ok... It's been a long time right? I haven't update my blog since Gwen's live in town.

Never mind... i will try to update it currently. First  of all thanks for everyone to coming HK Live last night. Hardpack fucked up little bit here and little bit there but still we having fun! Thank you very much! After the show the sound guy comes to me and said hey Phat i have a suggestion for u all right, u better get yourself a pair or ear mon or u should change your throat! I was like wow...ohh... yeah OK! He said it's good for u because the band were playing so loud and u can't even listen clear yourself. I already try my best to fix the sound but still u know!!! All right i guess you a right i think i should get myself  a pair of ear mon next time and if it doesn't get any better i should go to change my throat!

After the conversation i went to drink little bit with all the A'N'D family and friends. But i just keep thinking what he said!!! I  keep asking myself like peoples comes to me after the show and said " good show Phat good show " is it  real or they just try to be nice to me? is it like some stupid tv travel program host eating fried rat or steam dog in front of the camera still said very 'delicious'? I don't know man! I start doubt myself again!

Anyway after few drinks back home i cook myself a fish 'n' chips and it taste good for the first time...hehe! (sorry i forgot to take a pic!)

Hope u all understand my poor English! I will keep training myself...and examine oneself!


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thanks Carmellarose... ! U r so kind!
about 16 years ago
'Nvr Dbt'!! We've seen your performances when you're at your best and that's crazy talent man! We support you, keep going! peace
about 16 years ago
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heyI i gave constructive criticism too! ('no spotlight on phat!') ;-) don't be too worried, you did a great show even if it wasn't technically perfect... the important thing is the emotion that was generated in the audience by your performance.
about 16 years ago
Thanks guys!
about 16 years ago
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Hey dude, What's most important is that us in Hardpack, your bro's, believe in you. We never doubted you man and you shouldn't doubt yourself. The rest of HP
about 16 years ago
Paulinec 1a img 1269
God.. oops..missed ya performance.. Sorry La ...would have loved to have seen and hear you in action....it's good to hear boths sides.. keeps your feet chilled on the ground..its a cool thing that you recognise and rethink..it can get rough at times.. its part of the faith that you are doing what you are doing.. SUPPORT!
about 16 years ago
Guys... Thank you again! After two days recover and read all the comment... i m chill now!
about 16 years ago
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i was in shanghai doing a show - grand opening for club richy , so was there for 9 days , and every night performing and on the 6th or 7th day , one girl came up to my manager and said this rapper is no good , his voice is tearing day by day , but like taimaishuzzzz said you cannot keep up with every show , which is true , so don't beat yourself down , you still good at what you do , some days is good some days is not , so in our hearts you still the phattest of the phats ! so don't critizise yourself too much , ofocurse he means good for you , after all he is the sound guy , but you are a professinal and go with your instincts and ofcourse sometimes a little advise is only bcs he's thinking for your good . so don't worry . i mean look bob marley - every concert he did his voice, his tone was diffrent the style of singing ws different , this si what live music is about - it is live ! , keep up the good work , and next time invite me to your shows so i can get a first hand sound check on ya ... hehehehehe cheers n peace out MCG
about 16 years ago
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I guess you are a perfectionist are you?! Which is good because you will only get better and better even if you are already the best =)
about 16 years ago
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Hello~! should've left a message ealier but just wanted to say great job on saturday night! a great performance about the music, the energy, the creativity, and letting go of yourself on stage and interaction with the audience. And it was def. a great performance on sat night! (Pat was jumping up and down the whole time ;p) nice meeting you and see you around!~
about 16 years ago
01 04 andrew
hey phat, if you sound bad, I would of told conroy about it already. you know I wouldn't hold anything back between the boys. So I don't know what the hell was the sound guy talking about??? you guys are awesome
about 16 years ago



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