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Good start 2009!

Is 6 in the morning, i am sitting in front of computer writing my first 2009 blog... feels good! Yesterday was a nice day, we won a bronze prize of ' New Group Artist ' not bad! And we did good at the show too. What a good start at 2009! This is the video i just found at youtube Video: http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=tPfYju4GT0sThis is a photo i copy from apple daily today, can u found us? ha! Revolution Baby! Thanks Paul, jane & Winnie of course Yellow! In this CR2 award show, Fama, MC Jin & 24herbs all got some prizes, means HK hip hop is growing up, crashing in the mainstream... YEAH!!! 

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congrats dudes!
over 15 years ago
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Oh congratulation Phat !! Great way to start 2009 ! All the best for the future :)
over 15 years ago
Elena dd unset 18
haha..u said thanks alivenotdead.com...
over 15 years ago
Thank U guys!!! Deep down from bottom of my heart!
over 15 years ago
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Bro RESPECT!!!! So happy for you!!! The best start to 2009!!! xx
over 15 years ago
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congratulation on your good start bro!!! u guys deserve some prizes long time ago.....but the pay back is....u also have to pay back on "cannot party at the new year's eve" for this prize!!! hahaha.... u missed the "2009 new year attraction" ---- KEVIN BOY at mama's house!!! hahaha....
over 15 years ago
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oh by the way... the "2009 new attraction"i mentioned is ---- ODKB firework!!! u will know what i mean, if u dun, call kevin!! hahhaa....
over 15 years ago
Scottiehui 97 scottiehui
Next year go for GOLD! Your almost there. RESPECT. See you soon.
over 15 years ago
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good show!!! add oil!!! I was watching TVB that afternoon, really great!!!
over 15 years ago
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nice! congrats!
over 15 years ago



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