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Diesel Event - Feb.23rd @_@

AnD Folks,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Chinese New Years and Goooong Hay Fat Choy! -- I'm pretty excited about this event that I'm doing - I think it's going to be a little CRAZY since I really gave myself very limited art utincels to use for the Diesel Event, but I think it's a good challenge so I'm VERY excited. I bought these really thick markers and have different nozel spray cans along with some brushes that I might not even use. I might need a can of black paint as well -- buuuut I might not need it, who knows. It;s mostly going to be marker but with alot of other mix mediums -- There is a huge possibility tha I might be illustrating right on top of the window of the BRAVE Gallery so that will be exciting since I've never drawn on glass before. DOPE!! >_<  Hmm... 2 hours, not alot of time but definately doable.

Here is the event details if you haven't heard already -- So swing by if you can make it! Would lvoe to see you there! >PeaCe!!

--Pat Lee




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looking forward to it!
about 16 years ago
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That'll be awesome. I'm sure you'll do great, but good luck none the less. I hope there will be pics and maybe vids of the event too.
about 16 years ago
I can't freakin wait! woohoo! :)
about 16 years ago
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It was good running into you at dinner last night... :) Will definitely try to stop by... see you soon!
about 16 years ago
Li tong 2014 2 photo by fion cao
See ya there! Don't wanna miss that! xox
about 16 years ago
Dear Pat, We'll be there !!! I'm so excited about it!!
about 16 years ago
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you're going to rock!
about 16 years ago


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