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Beijing, Transformer Statue and Animation!

Hey everyone,
Just got back from Beijing from some animation creative meetings and Holy Cr@Pp it pretty damn cold over there. However it was still nice to see the ever growing Beijing city and always nice to see new architectural structures being built there. Very cool - so here are some pictures from my trip.For those of you who haven't gone there - pretty neat airport, looked a little alien style. Had someone pick me up and off to the hotel - I was already sick and got 3 hours sleep on the plane, yikes.In the distance from where I was at the airport there was this cool looking dome that looked like a giant UFO- - pretty neat.DAMN its freeezzzing!! Hong Kong is much warmer dude.Hotel had a nice view - were in some art district area in the middle of the city.Loved the lights there![](/attachments/2009/01/23160_200901101828346.thumb.jpg)Pretty cool looking car/bikes that look like Toasters. I think someone told me that they are actually illegal there for some reason. @_@Here is an art piece on a street near our hotel. It was pretty huge and interesting texture. This was pretty late at night as we went out for coffee. My cold turned pretty bad and coughing ALOT - ack![](/attachments/2009/01/23160_200901101828349.thumb.jpg)We had an early meeting and saw this Transformer style statue in front of the building where were having our meetings. Looks like PROWL from Transformers :)Here's a nifty looking foot. Brrr... Still fricken freezing!![](/attachments/2009/01/23160_2009011018283413.thumb.jpg)Here is the back of the statue. Love the extended headlights.Here's another shot of it.Here are some funky 1940 style pilot sunglasses I picked up at one of the galleries there.Here is where we stayed. Man the rooms are huge in China.I love this picture I took - it's just a bike, but love the colors. Below are some interesting building pictures - cool architectural designs.Phew - that was 3 days?? Time to head back to warm HK - well... Warmer. Well it was a very productive trip and looking forward to this week as its going to be one extremely busy week - no pain no gain! - Script readin, comic drawing, meetings and getting warmed up for a few events I'm doing this year. Don't forget to stop by GarageWorksto check out his new toy! Don't miss OUT!PEacE!Pat Lee

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can't be that cold compared to Canada, can it?
over 15 years ago
Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
Looks like you had a good trip. Hopefully someday they will make a life size transformer can that is actually real.
over 15 years ago
dude ... i am living in beijing ! u should have call me while u in town !!! i would like to take u to KTV !!!!! will be great to see u in BJ ... maybe next time ???
over 15 years ago
BTW - jiayou for ur new projects of the year !!!
over 15 years ago
over 15 years ago
Photo 214991
Reminds me of the movie "Mad Max"
over 15 years ago
love the bike
over 15 years ago
Photo 49156
dude the transformer is sooooooooo cool!
over 15 years ago


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