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Wushu Training Vlog (Xi’an, 2/1)

As you can see from the title, I’m going to do a bit of an experiment this month and instead of writing out these super long blogs (which actually don’t take THAT much time) I’m going to try to use my small camera to record more in-the-wushu-guan vlogs (video blogs), which I can just put up quickly.

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No-Shows and Wushu Kids (Xi’an, 1/29)

For those on alivenotdead and facebook, be sure to visitwushuzilla.com to read this blog in its entirety, with the full glory of videos and media!

I entered the wushu guan a little late on Friday thinking that the athletes would already be running around and getting warmed up. But when I walked in only Xiao Yu was on the carpet rolling her ankles and wrists.

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Foreigners Visit the Shaanxi Wushu Team (1/28)

NOTE: For those of you on Facebook, you will want to visit myYouTube Channelto view all of the videos, since Facebook’s lame importing functionality doesn’t allow for embeded videos.

As I mentioned before, I had gotten permission from Zhang Laoshi and Han Laoshi to have a couple of my 外国朋友 (foreign friends) visit the wushu guan to check out the professional athletes doing their thing.

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Two Days of Training (1/26)

Due to a busy schedule and some negligence on my own part, I didn’t have time to post up a blog about yesterday’s wushu class.

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Blog Import Not Working?

The last two blogs I wrote on wushuzilla.com didn't import to alivenotdead.com properly.  I didn't change anything on wuushuzilla, so it might be something with the blog importer on AnD?  Not sure, but if you want to read my blogs, and you only see a sentence on AnD, you can go to wushuzilla.com to read the full entry. http://www.wushuzilla.com

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New Athletes Arrive from Yan’an (1/20)

I’ve been so busy with work and life that I have not had a chance to blog too much recently.

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Visiting Xiao Yu’s Dorm Room (1/18)

Today’s practice was brought to you by the number 3. As in the third section of my nanqan form, which is what I was spending most of my time working on today.

The first part of class started off like most others. Warm ups (led by Yuan Ming), stretching and basics. Then it was time for sections. I started with my 4th section and went through it 4 times (I guess today is also brought to you by the number 4) but when it was time for me to start on the 3rd section I realized I didn’t really have it fully figured ou...Read more

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Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Movie Sets (1/14)

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Learning Nan Gun (1/15)

Today was just my second wushu practice this week.  Which meant two things:

  1. I wouldn’t be too sore during practice since my body had been given some recovery time after Monday’s practice with the Hong Kong Team.

  2. I would most likely be wiped out after class.

But when the athletes showed up there was just 3 other people in my group.  The taiji group was all there (and working hard as usual) but in Coach Zhang’s group it was just Yuan Ming, Zhang Yuan Biao and the young girl from Zhejia...Read more

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Training with the Hong Kong Wushu Team (1/11)

As you may have read on my facebook feed or my previous blogs, I’m in Hong Kong for a few days to renew my visa and meet with a few clients.  But while I was here I thought I would check out the Hong Kong Wushu Team’s training.  Gao Song, one of the HK team coaches, originally from the Liaoning Wushu Team, was kind enough to let me work out with them too.

If you have been in the “loop” you have probably seen the Hong Kong team’s training facility on various videos.  It is located in the Sports Complex out...Read more

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