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Learning Nan Gun (1/15)

Today was just my second wushu practice this week.  Which meant two things:

  1. I wouldn’t be too sore during practice since my body had been given some recovery time after Monday’s practice with the Hong Kong Team.

  2. I would most likely be wiped out after class.

But when the athletes showed up there was just 3 other people in my group.  The taiji group was all there (and working hard as usual) but in Coach Zhang’s group it was just Yuan Ming, Zhang Yuan Biao and the young girl from Zhejiang who always wears a purple jacket.  It turned out that everyone was in school, and even Xiao Yu, who is usually there, was off taking a driving class. (Beware pedestrians of Xi’an!)

We started off with a light game of keep-away soccer, which actually helped me build up a suitable sweat.

But the class itself was pretty much a self-study class.  The Zhejiang girl went off with Coach Zhang’s assistant coach on the far side of the room to do a bunch of basics, but the rest (3) of us were told to just work on our forms and choregraphy.

I saw Yuan Ming pull out a nangun from the storage room so, remembering he told me he would teach me his form I asked him “When would you be able to teach me your nangun form?” to which he answered “Right now”.  I rushed in the storage room and grabbed a nangun for myself and then met him on the carpet.

He showed me 3 sections of his form (basically the form minus the nandu) in about 20 minutes or so and I spent the rest of the time working through the details on my own.  I incorporated some of my best/favorite moves from my previous nangun form and used them to fill in some of the gaps from his.  I spent the better part of an hour just working out my choreography.  It was, for me, a good class, because I needed to develop a decent nangun form and the one I had developed on my own wasn’t so hot.

From this point I can take what I have and slowly evaluate each area to find weaknesses and determine if I need to swap anything else out.  This is the part that is interesting, since I get to really work on the meat of the form and fine tune the details.

In case you forgot what his nangun looks like, here is a video:


Naturally it is going to take me a bajillion years to make it look half-way decent, but at least I have something besides nanquan to work on.

I think later in the spring I’m going to work on retooling my nandao form too.  But for now, this is plenty.

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Good stuff... Will look forward to your nandao in the spring. I remember I wanted to give up broadsword and learned nandao when you did your invidual form at wushstar.... haha
about 11 years ago
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I've just started the basics on Nangun...so the video petrified me.! What speed!...... you'll do it in a month!!!!!!
about 11 years ago
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Variation is good. You probably need to juggle a few different things and you are one of the lucky ones there who gets to choose.
about 11 years ago
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about 11 years ago


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