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Foreigners Visit the Shaanxi Wushu Team (1/28)

NOTE: For those of you on Facebook, you will want to visit myYouTube Channelto view all of the videos, since Facebook’s lame importing functionality doesn’t allow for embeded videos.

As I mentioned before, I had gotten permission from Zhang Laoshi and Han Laoshi to have a couple of my 外国朋友 (foreign friends) visit the wushu guan to check out the professional athletes doing their thing.

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Hei guy, may I ask u.. How canu u use youtube in china? I-ve found some 地理 and i gave to a chinese friend but he told me it doeasnt run, do u have a good one to give me? THX ~~
almost 11 years ago
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will do .... thanx
almost 11 years ago


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