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Training with the Hong Kong Wushu Team (1/11)

As you may have read on my facebook feed or my previous blogs, I’m in Hong Kong for a few days to renew my visa and meet with a few clients.  But while I was here I thought I would check out the Hong Kong Wushu Team’s training.  Gao Song, one of the HK team coaches, originally from the Liaoning Wushu Team, was kind enough to let me work out with them too.

If you have been in the “loop” you have probably seen the Hong Kong team’s training facility on various videos.  It is located in the Sports Complex out in Ma On Shan in the New Territories.  The practice was at 3pm so I headed out from Tin Shui Wai around 2pm via bus to Sheung Shui, Train to University Station and Taxi to Ma On Shan.  I made it just a few minutes after 3. Here is a map of the route:

View Hong Kong Wushu (1/11) in a larger map

Red Line = Bus from Tin Shui Wai to Sheung Shui

Blue Line = MTR from Sheung Shui to University Station

Green Line = Taxi from University Station to Ma On Shan

Gao Song was also nice enough to hook me up with a pair of shoes to train with.  A little tight to start with, but they stretched out quite nicely during class and now they are very comfortable.  Great slapping sound too.  I think these are the default shoes the HK team trains with.

The class was pretty good.  It started off with the team members playing soccer on one carpet and I did some jogging and my own warming up on another.  The head coach was there, along with Gao Song and another coach, as well as Hei Zhi Hong, formerly on the Beijing Team, but a coach/athlete with Hong Kong too.  No Colin, I’m afraid and He Jing De was back in the U.S., but I was able to see his wife, Ya Qing (Christine) after class, as she coaches the younger kids at 5:00.  Nice to see her again as it had been a year or two since we last met up.

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself a bit.  Back to the class…

My Hong Kong Wushu ShoesMy Hong Kong Wushu Shoes

After warm ups and stretching it was time for basics.  Of the 9 or 10 athletes training, 2 of them were nanquan people.  I would follow along with whatever nanquan basics they did in the line.  After basics the rest of the class was all small combinations from forms, which turned out to be perfect.

The one thing I have to say about the class is that Gao Song, who was the main coach for the practice, is a really, really good coach.  He is able to provide some really great feedback that gets to the heart of one’s wushu deficiencies.  The corrections he gave me were spot on and its going to give me things to work on for at least the next several weeks.  There are only a few coaches (I can count how many on one hand) that provide that level of helpful instruction, so if you ever get the chance to train with Gao Song, I totally recommend taking advantage of the opportunity.

I wish he lived in Shaanxi.  Because even though the coaches and athletes in Xi’an are wonderful and very helpful, it isn’t quite the same level and I feel like I would really improve very quickly if I had more opportunities to train with him.

Unfortunately while I’m in Hong Kong for 2 weeks next month he will be up in Liaoning visiting family for New Years.  Which is sort of a bummer, but can’t be helped.  It almost makes me want to head to Liaoning.  But … I’ve been to Liaoning in the winter and it ain’t for the faint of heart. ;-)

Since it was my first time training there and I didn’t want to make a bad impression I didn’t do any pictures or recording of the practice.  However, I was able to take a little video of Gao Song and his wife at dinner that you can see here:


I hope that I have the opportunity to come down and train with them again in the future.  It was very educational and quite beneficial, both in terms of wushu, and also because I got to hang out with some good friends.

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