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Life in Xi’an: KTV, Birthday Brunch and more! (1/7)

Doing a bit of catching up with this entry.  I have a backlog of photos to share so here we go with that …

On December 28, while Chana and Teresa were still in town, a friend invited us all out to KTV inside the city wall.  So we headed over to Li Jia Cun (李家村) to get our song on.  It was pretty fun and after a few hours we all headed back home.  Here are a few photos:

...<aRead more

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Upping the Intensity in Wushu Class (1/6)

Monday work was super busy so I didn’t go to wushu. So my first day of wushu this week was Wednesday (today). And it was pretty brutal.

Not so much because it was super hard, but because the atmosphere was super intense. Coach Zhang wasn’t there today and so Coach Han, the head coach for the Taolu Athletes, was coaching us. And like I said before, he doesn’t take any prisoners.

If you can imagine the achetype of the Chinese wushu coach that barks out orders, has a constant scowl on his face and st...Read more

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Ask the ‘Zilla: Shanghai, Careers and Choreography (1/5)

Once again it is time for another installment of “Ask the ‘Zilla”. I got quite a few questions in the past week so here are my attempts to answer them. Please note that I am not an expert in anything and that my opinions are only that — opinions. I reserve the right to be complete wrong.

First a few quick questions before we get to the meaty ones…

What part does videographing these practice sessions [have] in their training?  I would think that seeing one`s performance ...Read more

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Birthday Wushu Recap (1/1)

Technically I’m writing this a few days late, but thats okay, since I come bearing gifts.  Specifically, wushu videos. ;-)

Ruhi had asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday on Friday.  My automatic answer was “Go to wushu”, so first thing Friday morning, January 1, 2010, we headed out to the wushu guan to get in a bit of wushu goodness.  She was also nice enough to film some of the practice...Read more

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Busy as a Bee (1/2)

Sorry for the lack of updates.  I am a little backlogged with work so have been focusing on that.  Just for my own reference, here are the blogs I’m working on for the future:

*My Surprise Brithday Party (lots of videos footage)

*Friday’s wushu class (lots of wushu vids)

*Wushu Retrospective’s next chapter

*Catching up with my life in Xi’an

Yikes!  That is a lot of stuff to take care of.  I’ll try to pump that out as quick as I can.  Thanks for your patience!

  • Mark

No rel...Read more

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“The Coach is Crazy” (12/30)

“The coach is crazy”

Those were the words out of Xiao Yu’s mouth this morning while we were doing our preparatory stretching and warm ups at the wushu guan.

I was inclined to agree with her as he had just finished telling us what our workout would be for the day.  80 kicks.  20 stances.  40 combinations. 8 sections.  4 half-sets.  It sounded pretty brutal, but as the athletes started playing some strange variation on dodgeball, soccer and rugby while I jogged around the carpet I realized that it wasn’t necessarily...Read more

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Ask the ‘Zilla: Training Plans and Nanquan Independence (12/29)

This is the first in a series of blog entries answering questions that I receive on wushuzilla.com, as well as other website sources.  If you would like to submit a question, please visit my contact form here.

“… may I request your help in creating a training plan? I would like to know more about the PT that the Chinese professional teams do, and if possible, the schedules of the different teams you have trained with so far. Right now, I train 6 times a week, with 3 times spent i...Read more

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Lungs Don’t Fail Me Now! (12/28)

Well,  you can tell by the title that today was intense, but I’ll start at the beginning just to be thorough.

When class started I checked out the schedule for the week on the board.  According to what was originally written there today was supposed to be:

*Jibbengong x 1

*Nandu x 2

*1/4 x 8

*2/4 x 6

I saw that we were doing 6 half forms, and I thought that would be a good challenge, but looking later in the week I noticed that there were a couple days where the athletes were se...Read more

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Wushu Retrospective (Part 6): 1996-2000: Sifu Video

I can remember the first time I saw a wushu video.

I was at Mai Morgan’s house one day after an early wushu class on Sunday (she was a Cal Wushu student who was training at Wushu West) and I noticed she had a video tape labeled “Beijing Wushu Team” on it.

My eyes bugged out. “What is that??” I asked.

She explained that she had gotten the video from this guy named Ishmael and it was footage of the Beijing Wushu Team doing some demos. I begged and pleaded with her to watch it so she ...Read more

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Life in Xi’an: Visits and Visitors (12/26)

I have been negligent on sharing some of my non-wushu related adventures with all of you.  So I finally got around to uploading some photos that I have taken to share with you.  I actually have a TON of videos that I need to edit and post up as well, but it will have to wait until later in the week.

Wu Ya Nan Billboard

First up, well … okay.  This is sort of wushu-related.  I took some pictures of a billboard that they have outside of the wushu guan (武术馆) at the Shaanxi Provincial Sports Training C...Read more

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