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Show Reel 2011

Guess it's about time I updated my show reel. Even though the footage is not so updated... haha... but I do intend on getting every single one of those moves back after my knee gets better. Oh! and for those who didn't know, I tore my ACL and had to do an ACL reconstruction on my right knee. So I'll be out of action for another 4-5 months! ><....... Video:

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New Beginnings

OK, it's been a year since I last posted on my AnD blog, and boy does time flies. My last blog entry was on the renovation of our Tricking studio "Trickstation". This blog entry will also be about Trickstation... but the newer and better Trickstation. Yes, we're moving... already!.. >< But it's for the better I promise.  We'll be having our grand opening party coming Saturday night on the 28th of May 2011 at 7pm, and everyone is welcome to come along and check us out. Our new address is at -荃灣德士古道60 - 62 號寶業大廈B座2樓03Y室Block B , Rm 3Y, 2/F , Po Yip Building ,60 – 62 Texaco Road , Tusen Wan , NT, Hong Kong (It's in between Tai Wo Hau and Tsuen Wan station right next to the Panda Hotel)There are more details on the facebook events page - Here is a sneak preview :pVideo: from our new Tricking studio, I'm also in the middle of rehearsal for a dance production "The Hose of Dance Water". It's one of the toughest productions that I've ever worked on. Modern dance is definitely something new to me. They'll be incorporating some of my Tricking skills in the production, so if it sounds interesting, please come see us and give me some support! :DContact me if you want to buy discounted tickets! ;D

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Trickstation Grand Opening

After years of saving and planning, and discussing, and searching, and searching, and searching, I've finally found the right place. And after months of drilling and hammering, and buying and installing, Hong Kong has finally got a place dedicated for tricking, and practicing flips and acrobatics. We call it Trickstation.

When I first returned to Hong Kong in 2004, I could not find a single place to practice my gymnastics and train new tricks. I recall calling up the Hong Kong Gymnastics Association, asking if I could pay to train at their gymnasium, but with no luck. A few years later I finally found a few places for training, but it was either expensive, or the equipment was somewhat lacking. So... the decision was made to make a studio that could cater for my training needs.

It wasn't an easy task at all putting a tricking studio together, especially in a place like Hong Kong. Cos for a sport like this, first, you need a lot of space. (This is already a challenge for a place like HK) You'll also need a high ceiling, padded flooring, crash mats and other training equipment.

I was lucky enough to find a suitable place in the Kwun Tong area, end of 2009. This is what it looked like - >< it's pretty scary actually...

After some designing, we began transforming the place

Carpet, mirrors and new windows were installed.

Then came the equipment

We haven't got everything we planned for yet... but it's a start!

The Trickstation team... Construction worker style!.. haha..

After the flooring and lights were installed, we can finally do some training.

We'll be having our opening party this coming Sunday (April 18th 2010) 2-5pm. If you're free, feel free to pop by and check us out.


Rm5,4/F Nan Fung Industrial Building, 15&17 Chong Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon (Near Ngau Tau Kok MTR)

九龍觀塘創業街15&17號 南豐工業大廈4樓5號室 ( 近牛頭角地鐵站)

Contact: 65067109



Hope to see you there! ;D

We will be running some classes at our Trickstation studio, ranging from Tricking, Gymnastics, Capoeira, and Peking Opera Acrobatics. We're also looking to add Wushu, Breaking, and Yoga classes too, once everything starts running.

We have a special offer for people who would like to try out some classes or do some training.

Everyone is entitled to 1 FREE Jam Session + 1 WEEK of FREE classes starting at any time

So what are you waiting for?.. Happy tricking everyone!



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Getting Drunk with the Masters

I had the privilege of doing a solo drunken fist performance for the premiere screening of  the "True Legend" <蘇乞兒> movie earlier.

I must confess though, that I'm no drunken master. In fact, it was actually my first time ever performing a drunken fist routine. And my sifu was......... youtube... XD so for all the wushu experts out there, please do forgive me for my bad form and execution. I was approached by the film distribution company to do this performance since they wanted a mix of breakdancing and drunken style kung fu. Since I come from a Capoeira background and have some basic knowledge of breaking and drunken style, they thought I'd be able to handle it...  I can only say, I tried my best! :p hehe..

I have to say though, that what scared me most about this performance wasn't the fact that a lot of celebrities and martial arts movie stars were present to see it, but the fact that during rehearsals just an hour before the show, both my calf muscles cramped up. So I was extremely worried that they'd cramp again during the actual performance, which would have been disasterous. Fortunately, I got through the routine ok for the show.... but I did have to sacrafice one of the acrobatic moves I initially wanted to do.... the one that initiated the cramping during the rehearsals...

I think one of the major contributing factors to the cramping was my costume. It was HEAVY!.. so I had to put much more effort into executing every move. But anyhow, the show was a great experience for me, and i did enjoy watching the "True Legend" movie immediately after.

Here is the video of the full performance:


Here's a web article on the premiere event with a clip containing snippets of my routine.



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A Gangster Undreaded!

OK... I guess it's about time I explained what happened to my dreads that I had for about 3 years.

To be honest, I still miss my hair now... even after 8 months.. But, it didn't go without a good reason.

About a year ago, I was asked by my good friend Frank Hui to help with his next independent film project... The biggest project he'll be directing yet... But what makes this project different from all the other films that we've been involved in, is that this one is something we dreamt of doing all our lives.. The reason being that ..  it's ACTION based...

Both Frank and I were born in the 80's and are huge fans of action movies.. This gives me the opportunity to play a lead role in an action film, and him to direct one... but this is no ordinary action movie in my views... Having watched countless action movies in the past we've come to realize that  many action ficks lack in drama elements, so in this project Frank tried really hard to incorporate drama elements to the film.

The movie is about a young man ( 阮平安 Nguyen Binh Ahn) that grew up in the Vietnamese refugee camp, who had troubles fitting in and making a living in the mainstream society when the camps shut down, and became a hired hitman with the triads.  During one of his jobs, he came across a young prostitute who reminded him of his little sister that died in an accident he blamed himself for all his life... The story goes on as he decides to rescue this girl from the slumps and bring new hope to her life... The story is about redemption, hope, and sacrafice.

This film also gave me the opportunity to work with some amazing people.


Producer: Shu Kei (舒琪導演)


Director of Photography: Zhang Ying (張穎)


Action choreographer: Jackson Ng Yuk-Sue (吳育樞 師父)


Got to work with 谷爺 (谷峰, Ku Feng) a second time. This time he plays a father figure to my role.

Although this is only an independent short film, the production is no less professional than that of a commercial feature. Frank even managed to get a hold of 2 times Best Actress and once Best Supporting Actress Winner Cecilia Yip Tong (葉童) to play a supporting role, which I must say was a little daunting for me having to play the male lead along side her.

Me, Cecilia Yip, and Director Frank Hui

So you see, I had no choice but to give my dreads the chops, cos hair grows back.. opportunities like this don't... XD

I still recall fighting to keep my dreads last time when Oxide Pang was discussing whether I should have them cut for Trick or Cheat... and I won.. hehe.. but for this, I was willing to allow them to do whatever they want with my hair without hesitation.. haha..


Kiki (Female Lead) and Me


with 文成 who plays the big baddie! hehe


Striking a Bruce Lee pose with Jeet Kune Do Sifu (吳永森 師父)


Here's Johnny (華仔) again who was one of the stuntmen for the film.


HK Stuntmen.. Respect!


The art and production team


Thanks everybody!!! I've learnt so much from this project.. Without you all, it wouldn't have been possible.

The film is in it's post production stage and I'll be sure to let everyone know when it's finished... :D




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In the running 4 Best New Actor

A friend of mine recently sent me a web article about the up coming Hong Kong Film Awards... and much to my surprise my name was listed as one of the 41 actors in the running for Best New Actor 2009..

Here's the link to the article:






最佳新演員基本要求為「須於參選年度前未曾以主角或配角身份參與任何電影演出;其參選的電影可多於一部,須屬是屆參選年度的香港電影;最佳新演員候選者可在一部電影中同時角逐『最佳男/女主角』或『最佳男/女配角』獎項。如有任何爭議,將交由金像獎董事局作決定。 」






For those who don't know my Chinese name... I'm 王朗然, 4th on the list.. hehe!... and I'm nominated for my performance in Trick or Cheat ( 愛出貓), which unfortunately, is still due for DVD release since it's been tide up with a court case involving defamation of tutor Kevin Ko. (Which in my opinion is quite silly... the guy should just learn to take a joke!.. ><) 

For those who didn't see the movie in cinemas, I played the part of Kau... and there was one scene where I became possessed by Heath Ledger's Joker character.. and that's where most of my acting was focused in this movie... I've read some articles online where some people seemed a little offended by the idea that Heath Ledger's death was played with in this movie... I just wanted to say that Heath is one of my favourite actors of all time, and I (and I'm sure the directors too) meant absolutely no disrespect to Heath Ledger.

Here's a shot of what I look like as the Joker!... hehe..

Although it's probably quite unlikely that I'd make it in the top 5 nominees in the end, I'm still extremely happy about the fact that my work is being recognized by some people out there.

 Hopefully things will just get better from here...

and finally, I'd like to say to Kevin Ko... "Why so serious??!"



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A Not So Scary Halloween!

So Halloween has come an gone... but this one is some how.... different ... ><

Like the past 5 years, I spent my Halloween working at Ocean Park... but this year I'm not a ghost, ghoul or monster of any kind... I'm a .... person for Halloween...

I was lucky enough to be a part of the Scaremonies stage show again for OP's Halloween Bash, and from the feedback we've been given, it's apparently our best show yet...

For those who didn't make it to the event to see it live, here are some highlights of the show.


Jacky Chan's shampoo ad cross over with the tune to Ponyo on the cliff by sea? hehe...


MJ makes a guest appearance for Halloween too!..

I guess you probably dunno which one I am huh?!.. haha...

well, here are some clues..

Getting ready for show

A signature pose

Any ideas?.. haha

Guess it's pretty hard to tell.. but I'm suppose to be imitating one of the 4 Heavenly Kings of the HK pop scene...   Andy Lau?.... ><  lol!

Had to do a flip in the show... 5 shows per night, and 22 show days + rehearsals.. So I did over a 100 of these flips altogether... o_O haha...

Dancing to the shampoo song

Splash Splash Splash!

Thanks for watching!

The entire cast and crew! good show guys!

And now lets take a look behind the scenes! :p

Recording the shampoo song

Recording my version of an Andy Lau song!... ><

Smelly foot attack!

With our legendary choreography Ar Yiu

Sam from our Trick or Cheat movie was the MC for the show!

Peace out!

Though I didn't dress up at all for Halloween this year, it was still a pretty fun event!... wonder if I'll be in the show again next year! ><

Here's my friend MJ Fung dressed as MJ at LKF... does he look like the real deal or what?..



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Forget about your worries, Don't let us stop the party!.. San Miguel Beer TVC (Time to Advertise Part 3)

Forget about your worries, don't let us stop the party, time for us to shout out with cheers!

Just forget about your troubles, and set them free like bubbles, just know that there's nothing I fear!  XD

Shot a San Miguel Beer TVC earlier. Take a look!


If you look close enough, you'll see that there are 2 versions of me in this TVC.. and I do mean 2 versions!..

The first is of me jumping over a car.. (or doing a king kong over a car in Parkour terms) In this shot, I still have my dreads...

The second is of me wearing a black leather vest and red pants joining some guys for a beer! hehe..

The reason for this is because the TVC was shot on 2 different days, and those 2 days were about 2 months apart..  Basically, they did a reshoot..

But after the first shoot, when I still had my dreads, I thought it was finished with, so I took them out for a different job... then I get called up for the reshoot... whoops!!.... >< haha... but they still decided to use me, but I was suppose to be a double for a model doing a flip off a car...

The funny thing is they used a close up of me even when I was suppose to be a double.. o_O  so... if you look close enough, there's a guy at the end of the TVC wearing the same outfit as me, but it's not me... but  Shhhhh!.... don't tell anyone I told you! haha :p

Here are some out takes... It was suppose to be an aerial flip off the car instead of just a king kong, but since 3 people are jumping over the car at the same time, I guess it probably looked better with the 3 different levels then me flying and covering the other 2's action.

Interestingly they decided to use the shot of me from the previous shoot when I had my dreads still... XD




My buddies Kenny and 華仔 were there too... if you remember, Kenny in the middle, he was in the Ajisen Ramen TVC with me too! hehe...

華仔 on the right is the guy that jumped off the building in the beginning, and also the double for the girl who jumped out of the car in the end!


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Trick or Cheat Premiere Gala

Attended the Trick or Cheat  <愛出貓> Premiere Gala on the 31st of August..

This was my first Premiere event... so it was quite exciting.. The place was swamped with reporters/photographers and fans...... not my fans of course.. hahaha...

Since the shoot, this was the first time all 8 of us cheaters are reunited...

But since I cut my dreads.. it took people some time to recognize me.. haha! >< I had to walk infront of them and stand there for 3 seconds before I get the exact same reaction... "OOOH!.. IT'S YOU!!!"... = = 

But I have to say, my dreads went for a good reason... For what reason?.. you'll find out soon enough...

Don't forget our tutor Seven Ko (Sam Wong).. he was there too.. :D 

Let's not forget the Directors and Producer Oxide Pang

The movie was AMAZING!!!... I couldn't stop laughing thoughout.... don't believe me?.. go see it!.. haha...

But honestly, I'm really happy with the way it turned out, despite the fact that alot of scenes we loved (especially in the musical) were cut out because of the movie length.. hopefully they'll throw all the deleted scenes in the DVD release later.. :p

OK!... to finish with.. here are some behind the scenes of Trick or Cheat!


Can you even tell what I'm suppose to be in the musical??... the answer to this quiz is... I'm a screw driver!... >< haha...

The movie is officially in cinemas September 3rd..

GO SEE IT!..........     please?..



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Trick or Cheat in cinemas September 3rd

The trailer for 《愛出貓》 Trick or Cheat is out! ^^

Much to my surprise, they've included quite alot of shots of me in the trailer. hehe...


The premier screening will be on on the 31st of August. It'll officially be in cinemas on September 3rd 2009.

Please support everybody!.. This is my first major role in a movie.. so I'm very excited... :p ..... and nervous~ ! haha.... ><

Miss you all, the cast and crew of 《愛出貓》 Trick or Cheat!

So let the cheating begin!... XD


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