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It doesn't have to be an actual interrogation room like you see on TV, but does anyone have a space that you feel could be made into an interrogation room with some creativity? A basement, an office room but more on the dilapidated side, a theater, an auxiliary room, or heck, an actual interrogation room - we need something to be able to shoot in all day this Tuesday. If you got it, I'm bookin' it, Danno!

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Winner, winner chicken dinner! @DearEvanHansen will clean at the Tony's, no doubt. Best musical I've seen in awhile.

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House seats to see @DearEvanHansen! Here to see our boy Mike Faist, star of #ICanIWillIDid #Broadway https://t.co/i85Javox0t

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Which NYC Cal alum knows the Berkli Parc owner? Go Bears!

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@renhsieh @snakeheadmovie To go with Dad bod. 🤦🏽‍♂️

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G&E gettin jiggy wid it in th middle of the night. @snakeheadmovie #dumplinglife https://t.co/kRGVyfcSq0

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Props to Coach Mike D. https://t.co/V1U9qLq3wf

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Need a 20+ pound bag of rice as a prop tomorrow. Anyone in Chinatown got one I can borrow? And while I'm at it, anyone know anyone in the trucking business? Need a big rig that hauls a container for this Sat. Like this photo. 🤘🏼

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New York City, United States
June 28, 2007

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