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The New Addition to Our Family!|我們家的新成員!|我们家的新成员!

Yes, congratulations are in order because we are new proud parents of.....(hehehe not what you're thinking hehehe)... Renee, the coolest mongrel ever! We adopted her from the Hong Kong Dog Rescue and I am completely smitten. She's an elegant old lady who is just the biggest cuddle monkey on the face of this earth. I connected with her the moment I encountered her, and let me tell ya that that actually means a lot because there were about a hundred dogs jumping all over me, trying to get some human lov...Read more

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A little pow-pow anyone?|想看看剛下的雪嗎?|想看看刚下的雪吗?

Just got back from a little jaunt in Hokkaido, Japan. As usual it did not disappoint. I've been to quite a few places for skiing, and there is something about the snow in Hokkaido that is different. It's like cotton. It's as soft as the peach fuzz on a baby angel's ass. No, seriously, it's like skiing on a cloud. Unfortunately I am not the most talented or seasoned skiier so I'm not very graceful on the slopes, but I get the job done without injuring myself or anyone around me :-). The thin...Read more

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Oh such a long time.....

I have been a bit off the radar lately and I do apologize for that. Perhaps I just find most of what I do not really blog worthy so in actuality I am sparing you all from my boring dribble. But, finally, I did something of interest in the recent weeks. I was sent by Channel V to cover the Asia World Premiere of Valkyrie in Seoul Korea. It was a pretty strange and fun experience for me. Strange because it was the first time I had worked that side of the barrier at a red carpet, and let me tell ya, it was like a mosh pit. Before the cr...Read more

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My Unashamed Confession|我的無愧自白|我的无愧自白

Had a really fun day the other day shooting for Scene and Heard on Channel V! We were shooting at the Asian Gaming Show which showcases new up and coming video games, consoles, and toys galore. All my favorite things! Yes, I'm a gamer, and I'm unashamed  . I spend countless hours playing World of Warcraft, some may even call me an addict. I've been playing video games since the Atari, so its been a long standing love affair. So, I completely understood all these kid...Read more

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Time to Slow Down...|該放慢腳步了...|该放慢脚步了...

I have been a very very bad blogger and for that I apologize. Life just got a little busy . Yes, it has been a very busy couple of months that was truly wearing me out. And just when I thought that I couldn't go on at the pace I was going, the economic crisis hit. I guess this is really a forced slow down for me because if there was work happening my greedy self would not be able to say no to it. It's the Jewish side in me  . But now I have no choice and so I can fin...Read more

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Moving on...and then going to Shanghai...|繼續前進…然後到上海…|继续前进…然后到上海…

Aaaahhhh.... I can finally start breathing some sighs of relief. I am embarking on a new journey. A journey that will provide me not only a bit of job stability but also some much needed occupational stimulation. I now have a desk. How cool is that? My own desk... Never thought that would happen  . It needs some decorating but its ALL MINE!

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My Olympic Dream kind of (but not really) comes true|我的奧運夢一定程度上(並非真正)實現了|我的奥运梦一定程度上(并非真正)实现了

Been gone for a while, I know, but I am now back from the Olympic vortex I've been residing in for the past little while. I call it a vortex because for the past couple weeks my usual daily routine of slapping on makeup and trompsing around in stilettos had been put on pause.  It was the first time in my life that I took on a job that had NOTHING to do with what I do. Unfortunately, the first two days I singlehandedly confirmed the stereotypical view that models ...Read more

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Africa...The Saga Continues|非洲…傳奇繼續|非洲…传奇继续

We continued on our journey by jumping on a puddle jumper plane and hopping over to Jwaneng, Botswana. I was NOT thrilled about that. It was literally a flying sardine can.

We went to go visit the DeBeers diamond mine where we were issued a hard hat, clunky boots, and snazzy sunglasses.

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From Africa With Love | 寫自非洲,帶著愛 | 写自非洲,带着爱

From Africa With Love…

So its my annual trip to South Africa with the DeBeers Group, and so far so good. Been here three days and will be here for another five. Tomorrow we are off to Botswana for two days. As you can imagine, this trip is all about diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. No complaints here as diamonds are definitely my favorite precious gem. The only unfortunate thing is that we have to fly about six times within these eight days, and as some of you know, I am absolutely terrified of flying.

<...Read more
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The Godfather of Bling

Liberace was definitely the original King of Bling.  All Hail The Bling King!! No one has ever even come close to his blinginess. No one. So, you want something interesting to do in Vegas? Go to the Liberace museum! It's definitely a sight to behold!

It used to be his recording studio and some-time apartment. There are showers in the public bathrooms that were actually used by Liberace ...Read more

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