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Shanghai Car Expo|上海汽車展覽|上海汽车展览

First press show @Shanghai car expo, there were so many press!



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Chinese Ghosts love Hot Pot too!|中國鬼也喜歡吃火鍋!|中国鬼也喜欢吃火锅!

Chinese ghost love to eat Hotpot too! Hahaha!



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Dim Sum Again|再吃點心中|再吃点心中

Dim sum again, Hk airport, on my way to Shanghai car expo, thanks Infiniti for inviting me。





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My New Boyfriend|我的新男朋友||我的新男朋友|新彼

This is my new boyfriend, he always listen to me but never talks back to me!

| 牠是我的新男朋友,牠只會細心聆聽,但總是不會回應我。


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I have a new job!

I have a new job! hahaha! I really look like a professional model booker!



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Dim Sum

Eunis Chan and I having dim sum at Zen in Pacific Place. I haven't seen her a long long time. So nice to catch up with old friends!

|很久没有跟Eunis見面了,終於約了她去太古廣場的Zen吃我最愛的點心,跟老朋友相聚 是最愉快的事情。


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Where in Britain?

So our friends at Alive Not Dead asked me to try out this new online contest to win two free tickets to the UK courtesy of Virgin Atlantic.

So I headed over to the site and played. I got 11 miles![](/attachments/2011/03/10/13/8135_201103101345151.thumb.jpg)I know that that only landed me in 54th place but I think that's not too bad for someone who's only been to the UK like 3 times!:-)

Those 3 times I did go I had a blast and would love to have an excuse to go...Read more

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Oscar's on Star Movie|Star Movies直播奧斯卡|Star Movies直播奥斯卡

So yesterday we finally did the live Oscar show on Star Movies. I say finally because this was one month in the making and yesterday it finally happened. Thank you to everyone who made it happen, and let me tell you it took an entire village to make it happen. It was nerve wracking and just downright scary but we managed to do it without any catastrophic ...Read more

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We Did It!|我們結婚了!|我们结婚了!|私たち結婚したわよ!

As I'm sure some of you have noticed, I haven't blogged in almost a year. So what better way to jump back into the blog-o-sphere then with the very happy announcement that Daniel and I finally did it. We are now officially Mr. and Mrs. Wu. We took the plunge near my house in South Africa. It was a mystical, rustic, pure, beautiful ceremony that blew the socks off all of our guests. Unfortunately pictures cannot truly make one feel the energy that was swirling around us in the forest. I couldn't have even...Read more

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I did it and I didn't poo my pants in the process!!|我成功啦而且整個過程沒有出糗!!|我成功啦而且整个过程没有出糗!!

So I finally did it. I took my hosting skills public. Ya see, usually I do it in front of a camera and one camera dude, not in front of a large, oh so very large, crowd. So this was my first forray into true professional public speaking. It's kind of ironic that this is the type of work I have chosen to pursue because as a child and teenager I was painfully shy. I had a phobia of doing speeches in class or of singing in the class play. But all these years later I th...Read more

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