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A little pow-pow anyone?|想看看剛下的雪嗎?|想看看刚下的雪吗?

Just got back from a little jaunt in Hokkaido, Japan. As usual it did not disappoint. I've been to quite a few places for skiing, and there is something about the snow in Hokkaido that is different. It's like cotton. It's as soft as the peach fuzz on a baby angel's ass. No, seriously, it's like skiing on a cloud. Unfortunately I am not the most talented or seasoned skiier so I'm not very graceful on the slopes, but I get the job done without injuring myself or anyone around me :-). The thing about skiing is that even if you don't crash in some dramatic way, it still hurts. You find yourself aching in places you didn't even know you had muscles. Probably one of the best workouts in the world!

So this picture was taken at the half way there pit stop. I was just so happy to finally be surrounded by snow again. Living in HK I really REALLY miss distinctive four seasons. I miss the sweltering heat of the summer that fades into colorful and crisp autumn that fades into ass whoopingly cold winter and onto perfectly mild spring... At least I got some snow :-)

And this is Mt. Yotei. What a view huh?

There is this cute little bar  there with a coke vending machine for a front door and an original Banksy just randomly on a wall behind a booth that was done years ago, I think before he got famous.

Every morning there was a different snowman outside of this hotel. I actually watched one of the employees make one and let me tell you that they took it VERY seriously.

Big ass snow flakes!

So it may just be that the english translation is a little off, but can anyone out there tell me what a seaquirt is?? I am dying with curiosity since I didn't have the balls to try it for fear that it really was the "squirt" of some sea animal...




這個可愛的小酒吧,前門有個可樂自動販賣機,後身是 Banksy很多年前在墻壁上的信手塗鴉,我猜還是在他成名之前。



或許是英語翻譯水平有限,但是哪位高人可以告訴我 seaquirt是什麽??我簡直好奇死了因為我擔心它真的是某些海洋生物的“註射器”之類而沒有膽量嘗試...

|刚从日本北海道短途旅游回来。从来都不会感到失望。我去了不少地方滑雪值得一提的是北海道的雪很特别。它就像是在亲吻小天使软软的屁股。不,严肃点,就像 是在云端滑行。不幸的是我并非天赋异秉或者经验丰富的滑雪者,所以在斜坡上的表现并不优雅,但是我在没有伤到自己及身边他人的情况下完成了任务。:-)滑 雪的问题在于即使你表现的中规中矩,也容易受伤。你会发觉在自己都不知道有肌肉存在的地方隐隐作痛。这或许是世上最棒的训练之一。







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wow cool!
about 15 years ago
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snow bunny lisa...
about 15 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
I think a Sea Squirt is similar to a Sea Cucumber, an invertebrate mollusk that doesn't have a shell. Don't worry, its an animal and not some sort of by-product. :-)
about 15 years ago
Jayson 93 2
Hahaha with a name like that it's hard not to have dirty thoughts. :)
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oh~so envy you.coz my hokkaido trip has just been cancelled><because of the snow storm!! I visit there every year.and its sure they have the best snow!!reading that you love hokkaido trip,now I feel happy^^
about 15 years ago
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