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Time to Slow Down...|該放慢腳步了...|该放慢脚步了...

I have been a very very bad blogger and for that I apologize. Life just got a little busy . Yes, it has been a very busy couple of months that was truly wearing me out. And just when I thought that I couldn't go on at the pace I was going, the economic crisis hit. I guess this is really a forced slow down for me because if there was work happening my greedy self would not be able to say no to it. It's the Jewish side in me  . But now I have no choice and so I can finally indulge in my other hobbies and not feel guilty about using up a day for pleasures instead of making a buck. It'll be good for my soul.

So, back to the past few months. Here are a few things I've done since the last time I wrote...

First off, I went on a publicity trip to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to basically announce that I will be a new VJ on Channel V. It was nuts! I was only in each place for two days and they were jammed packed with interviews and photo shoots. It was cool though because it was the first time I had been back to SIngapore since 1999, and it was such a pleasure. Great food and a bit of late night shopping. I forgot how eerily clean that place is.

Doing interviews... Singapore

And in Malaysia...

And goofing off at the shoots, as usual...

And trying not to goof off...

A magazine gave me an award in Shanghai for being a super-duper model !

And after a gruelling couple of months I rewarded my self with a four day vacation to Khao Lak, Thailand...

|我成了一個很不稱職寫博客的人,對此深感歉意。生活只是變得有些忙碌。是的,過去忙亂的幾個月使得我精疲力竭。而且正當我認為自己不能按照這種節奏繼續下去的時候,金融危機爆發了。我想這其實是在強迫自己放慢腳步,因為我無法對工作說不。這是我的猶太血統在作祟 。但現在我別無選擇,於是終於可以盡情投入到其他的愛好中。即使是花一天的時間去玩而不是開工賺錢,也不會感到內疚。這對我的身心大有裨益。


首先,新加坡與吉隆坡的宣傳之旅。主要是宣布我將成為Channel V 的新任綜藝節目主持人。抓狂!因為我在每個地方只能待兩天而且有密集的訪問與攝影工作。即便如此,作為我自1999年以來首次回訪新加坡,還算得上是絕妙愉悅的一次體驗。美食及一點兒深夜購物。我忘了那個地方有多麽多麽幹凈。





上海一家雜誌頒給我"超级模特" !


|我成了一个很不称职写博客的人,对此深感歉意。生活只是变得有些忙碌。是的,过去忙乱的几个月使得我精疲力竭。而且正当我认为自己不能按照这种节奏继续下去的时候,金融危机爆发了。我想这其实是在强迫自己放慢脚步,因为我无法对工作说不。这是我的犹太血统在作祟 。但现在我别无选择,于是终于可以尽情投入到其他的爱好中。即使是花一天的时间去玩而不是开工赚钱,也不会感到内疚。这对我的身心大有裨益。


首先,新加坡与吉隆坡的宣传之旅。主要是宣布我将成为Channel V 的新任综艺节目主持人。抓狂!因为我在每个地方只能待两天而且有密集的访问与摄影工作。即便如此,作为我自1999年以来首次回访新加坡,还算得上是绝妙愉悦的一次体验。美食及一点儿深夜购物。我忘了那个地方有多么多么干净。





上海一家杂志颁给我"超级模特" !


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glad you're doing well!
over 15 years ago
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nice, i am open to rewards too if you get tired of rewarding yourself w/ trips to Thailand. ;-)
over 15 years ago
You are going to make one helluva VJ for Channel V! Hope you had fun on your trip!
over 15 years ago
Ericnakamura 18 ericnakamura
What up yo! sounds cool. Blog more!
over 15 years ago
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visitor~ wish you all the best and happy everyday. Jeytong
over 15 years ago
Photo 110528
Only Snorkeling I had hoped you were a certified scuba diver by now. I am still an instructor if you need to get certified. Mark
over 15 years ago
Img 4957
awesome pic!!
over 15 years ago
Photo 282807
under the sea...UNDER THE SEA....daring it better- down where is wettah take it from me.....who knows the song???...heh??
over 15 years ago


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