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The New Addition to Our Family!|我們家的新成員!|我们家的新成员!

Yes, congratulations are in order because we are new proud parents of.....(hehehe not what you're thinking hehehe)... Renee, the coolest mongrel ever! We adopted her from the Hong Kong Dog Rescue and I am completely smitten. She's an elegant old lady who is just the biggest cuddle monkey on the face of this earth. I connected with her the moment I encountered her, and let me tell ya that that actually means a lot because there were about a hundred dogs jumping all over me, trying to get some human loving, but she really made such an impression on me. So for one week, I thought about her non-stop, even dreamt about her, and figured that that meant we had some unexplainable connection. Whether we do have a connection, or I'm just an insane dog loving person who reads way too much into what animals do and think, she is definitely a very happy cookie right now...

|是的,請準備好祝福我們吧因為我們很自豪的當上了爸爸媽媽...(hehehe不是你們想的那樣hehehe)...Renee,史上最棒的雜種狗!我們從香港愛犬之家收養了它,並且為它深深著迷。她是個貼心親密的優雅“老太太”。我一遇見它就與它聯系起來,讓我告訴你吧這其實寓意非凡因為當時差不多有 100多條狗在我周圍蹦來蹦去,企圖獲取人們的青睞。但是只有它讓我印象深刻。所以一個星期以來,我無休止的想念她,甚至夢到她,我想我們之間有種難以名狀的關聯。無論是我們之間真正存在某種聯系還是因為我只是一個深入研究動物行為的狂熱愛狗之人,她此刻都絕對是個快樂的小家夥...

|是的,请准备好祝福我们吧因为我们很自豪的当上了爸爸妈妈...(hehehe不是你们想的那样hehehe)...Renee,史上最棒的杂种狗!我们 从香港爱犬之家收养了它,并且为它深深着迷。她是个贴心亲密的优雅“老太太”。我一遇见它就与它联系起来,让我告诉你吧这其实寓意非凡因为当时差不多有 100多条狗在我周围蹦来蹦去,企图获取人们的青睐。但是只有它让我印象深刻。所以一个星期以来,我无休止的想念她,甚至梦到她,我想我们之间有种难以名 状的关联。无论是我们之间真正存在某种联系还是因为我只是一个深入研究动物行为的狂热爱狗之人,她此刻都绝对是个快乐的小家伙...

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Jayson 93 2
Congrats to you and Daniel! Very cute! :)
about 15 years ago
Photo 55108
way to go lisa ... homing pets from the rescue pound or spca is the best way ... renee is gorgeous ... i love her thoughtful eyes ...
about 15 years ago
Photo 65734
she is missing and thinking of her frends that wish if they also live with some great person like lisa. Really praising job by bringing to ur home..bless
about 15 years ago
Jasontobin 82 jasontobin
Awww.. what a cutie!!! Arghhh..I wanna doggg!!!
about 15 years ago
45862083 0af2fd4d5d
'cuddle monkey' isn't the firs tthing that comes to mind, but i'm glad you were able to rescue a nice dog!
about 15 years ago
Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
She looks like a dog in Japanese movies. Roof Roof..
about 15 years ago
Photo 376392
AWWWWW... congrats Lisa you did the right thing!
about 15 years ago
Photo 31454
aww too cute squish him! :D
about 15 years ago
Photo 33405
She looks like a calm and sweet dog. Congrats on the new member of the family~ :)
about 15 years ago
Photo 53024
She's lovely :)
almost 15 years ago


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