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My Olympic Dream kind of (but not really) comes true|我的奧運夢一定程度上(並非真正)實現了|我的奥运梦一定程度上(并非真正)实现了

Been gone for a while, I know, but I am now back from the Olympic vortex I've been residing in for the past little while. I call it a vortex because for the past couple weeks my usual daily routine of slapping on makeup and trompsing around in stilettos had been put on pause.  It was the first time in my life that I took on a job that had NOTHING to do with what I do. Unfortunately, the first two days I singlehandedly confirmed the stereotypical view that models aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer. I have never worked in any sort of office environment, so I had no idea what the heck was going on. Thank god for the four women in the picture below. They were infinitely patient, understanding, and helpful. Without them I don't know what I would have done. I was definitely a fish out of water.  They guided me through unknown territories of filing, copying, and customer service as well as constantly petted my shattered self esteem. It is a humbling experience to work in an unknown and unfamiliar environment. If any of you girls are reading this, THANK YOU!!!

From Left to Right: Rita, Ellin, me, May, Joanne

I have to admit though, at times, when I would wander around the venue, I would get a bit sad. Seeing these beautiful horses, feeling the energy, watching the riders practicing, it all made me wonder, just for a moment, whether I had chosen the right path all those years ago when I chose modelling over horses.  Running into a once competitor of mine who now rides for the USA Olympic team really made me long for the dream I once had. I too, once upon a time, had an Olympic dream. Oh that was so long ago....... In the end, I snapped out of my melancholy and decided to really enjoy the volunteer experience. I figured that if this is the closest I'll ever get to that "Olympic Dream" then I'll take it.

Two more new friends I made. This is Gerry, one of the head honchos at the Equestrian Events, and Marie who worked in the office I was in.

I did have some time to goof off, and so I headed for the judges booth in the middle of the ring to fantasize about being and Olympic Equestrian Judge.

And then this is me playing the radio commentator...

I'm so happy I decided to become a volunteer. Its really cool to be able to say that I took part in helping at the Olympic Games. It was really wonderful to be able to spend so much time once again around the majestic beasts that defined my childhood. Now I must set my sights on early retirement so I can spend my days riding horses... I just need to figure out how to make a gazillion dollars in the next ten years...

                                            |           暫時離開了一段時間,我知道,但是現在我從奧運漩渦中抽身回來了,過去的一段時間我一直置身其中。我稱它為漩渦,是因為在過去的幾周內我化妝走秀的日常工作都暫停了。這是我人生中第一次從事一項與我的職業毫無關聯的工作。很不幸,最初兩天我驗證了"模特無用"的固有成見。我從來沒有在辦公室工作的經驗,所以完全不得要領。感謝上帝有下面照片中的四位女士。她們有極大的耐心,善解人意並且樂於助人。沒有她們,我真不知道要幹什麽。我就像一條離開水的魚。她們指引我在檔案堆,復印工作以及客戶服務中穿梭自如,同時也安撫我破碎的自尊心。在這樣一個陌生未知的環境中工作是一次讓人慚愧的經歷。如果你們當中有人在讀這篇日誌,謝謝你們!!!







                                |           暂时离开了一段时间,我知道,但是现在我从奥运漩涡中抽身回来了,过去的一段时间我一直置身其中。我称它为漩涡,是因为在过去的几周内我化妆走秀的日常工作都暂停了。这是我人生中第一次从事一项与我的职业毫无关联的工作。很不幸,最初两天我验证了"模特无用"的固有成见。我从来没有在办公室工作的经验,所以完全不得要领。感谢上帝有下面照片中的四位女士。她们有极大的耐心,善解人意并且乐于助人。没有她们,我真不知道要干什么。我就像一条离开水的鱼。她们指引我在档桉堆,复印工作以及客户服务中穿梭自如,同时也安抚我破碎的自尊心。在这样一个陌生未知的环境中工作是一次让人惭愧的经历。如果你们当中有人在读这篇日志,谢谢你们!!!







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ha ha, i'd love to see you trying to handle office work, that must have been really challenging! but its great that you are willing to help out the Equestrian events, the olympics and HK's organizing team! 加油Lisa!
over 15 years ago
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Looks like fun.
over 15 years ago
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I was totally watching equestrian events on the Oxygen channel last week, looking for you in the periphery! I should have been looking in the judge's booth...
over 15 years ago
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Love Horse riding!!! Looks you had quite an experience! This is one of my biggest passions :) I also have a dream, but its not to be a judge??? Sadly this is all on hold for the time being...one day???? Still dreaming!?
over 15 years ago


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