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The Godfather of Bling

Liberace was definitely the original King of Bling.  All Hail The Bling King!! No one has ever even come close to his blinginess. No one. So, you want something interesting to do in Vegas? Go to the Liberace museum! It's definitely a sight to behold!

It used to be his recording studio and some-time apartment. There are showers in the public bathrooms that were actually used by Liberace and other artists like Frank Sinatra.

There were lots of opulent, over the top get-ups, but this little outfit was my favorite. Love the star spangled lederhosen!

He also had a fleet of cars. A lot of them were convertibles with only a driver's seat. This was because he needed to be driven onto the stage due to his costume being too heavy for him to walk. This was the swankiest car in my opinion. You can see one of the convertibles in the background.

And finally... this is what the gift shop was selling... (sorry, this photo is so blurry... you might not be able to tell that these sneakers are ENTIRELY encrusted with diamantes).

Nothing like some good ol' fashion family fun in Sin City!

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I used to love watching him on the Mike Douglas or Merv Griffin shows. The host would say "Lee, why haven't you married yet?" and he'd grin and say "Well, I just haven't met the right person..." In retrospect, it was astoundingly obvious, but in those days it was not talked about. He's the proto-Elton John.
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wow, what a pimp!
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damn !!! LOVE IT ALL.. super cheesey.. but GREAT!
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