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Midnight baking - Pineapple tarts!

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Scolded him for chewing on my books. And this is the face he gave me.. 😑

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Morning catfie!

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Good morning, Casper!! 💕

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Ahh l love this! In my younger and lighter days l'll surely buy you! Now it's too hard for me to balance myself 😂

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HAPPY NEW YEAR --> 2016!! 🎉❤️🎉

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Long time no see, my friend! The last time we met was in 2013, when we were chopping up chicken and fish bones in school..

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It's been almost 2 1/2 yrs. How time flies..

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Live it, love it, learn it. That's life! •• I'm sorry but I find it weird and I do not accept friend request from people I do not know personally or haven't


english, cantonese, mandarin, malay, hokkien, itallian
Taipei, Taiwan
January 10, 2008

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