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Children's day♪子供の日

May 5th is Children's day in Japan



Inspired from Carp streamers(鯉幟/see the pic below)color,I made this red n blue dots vase.Also this year marine color in trend right?


Made wollen balls~

On Children's Day, traditionally a holiday where people pray for the growth of boys, armor is displayed at home.

On this day, families often fly carp streamers outside their homes to represent strength and success


"Iris=菖蒲"(blue purple one) is the flower to decorate for Children's day.

As the fragrance of irises was believed to drive away bad air, people began to take baths with these medicinal leaves


Used some spring flowers as well.Then decorate with dolls

I haven't arranged flowers since Feb,haven't even used scissors for 2 months...longest blank in 10 years or more.Well actually haven't been working or walking for almost 2 months! I've done with knee ligament reconstruction surgery on March 4th.Fixed some cartilage too.It was tough experience for me.

And still under rehab now.Actually I've started to practise walking by myself on this monday...struggling with simple,slow,pain...terms like that...Long way to go~ In da face!Cope with it~!...add oil~!All kinds of encouragement I need 2ヶ月振りにはさみを使ったら腕が筋肉痛になった・・・自分でひいた(汗)ここ10数年でこんなに長い間、花に触らなかったのは初めてです。花を生ける楽しさとか、感じました。

あ、3月4日に無事に膝の前十字靭帯再建と軟骨損傷の修復手術が終わりました。感想としては。。。どえりゃー大変!って感じです。痛いです、なにもかも。。。今、連日リハビリです。今週の月曜からようやく松葉なしで歩く練習が始まりました!つまり、まだちゃんと歩けてません(汗)これからまだ1年くらいはかかるリハビリの日々。アスリート気分を盛り上げて、楽しくやっていきたいと思います テンション上げていかないとね!

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Girl's festival today❀雛祭り

Felt spring air yet in your place?Here we are in Japan,once could have felt warm nice sunshine then backed cold wind today...Spring comes slowly I guess

Today I'd like to share flowers for "Girl's festival""雛祭り".On 3rd March is the day,yea it's today

Mainly arrange peach flowers to cerebrate girls healthy life!In Japan it's called as "Peach Fes",too.The costom came from China as you know...

Inside this arrangement I put some peach branches...yet not blooming in this pic..should have waited to take photo huh~ 桃を入れたけど、まだ咲いていないの。咲きそうでまだ、なのが侘びさびです。

This one reminds me of PEACH!!桃みたいにキュート!

Sugar blue...called Blue Star.ブルースターはキャンディーカラーで早春にはぴったり!

And then I also love this chololate color too.noble mood!このチョコ色のラナンキュラスもとっても素敵でお気に入りです!

By the way...Where am I now?

In the hospital!

Waiting for the operation tomorrow...knee ligament...fix...

Got some FREE time posting quick update!

So see you guys later!


Do not forget!!PRAY for me tonight!

Thank you


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Valentine day is coming...❤


Happy Valentine's day❤情人節快樂❤

Sweetpea.Have you ever smelled them before?Sweet and romantic!I've heard that recently this Japanese sweetpeas are pretty popular in NY~this year they're exported many for valentine gift,if you have a chance take a look at flower shop^^

日本産のスイートピーは最近ニューヨークで人気だそうです。バレンタイン用に今年もたくさん輸出されました。他にもワイヤープランツ、利休草などおしゃれなツルものなんかも輸出されています。繊細な日本の花々so proud of them^^

"Nigella"...very soft image~

"Globe Amaranth".Candy like pop color~

**What's your plan for Valentine's day?

I wish everybody to spend smile❤full peace❤full day!**


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Freezing winter days*凍凍

It's been cold your place too?

How have you been?

I'm spending happy healthy days so far. Daily life...

teach in flower or painting class,gym work out,care treatment at hospital for knee...

I've been living with almost same schedule every week.

Do I get bored?'s busy enough and I do enjoy my life at least.

Lots of smile these days Since I decided to fix my knee injury by taking operation for ACL ligament reconstruction,I need to be prepared well:no swelling,build enough muscle by the day of operation.

The day is getting closer.It's 4th March...sigh...tell you the truth,when I think about all those tough rehab I'm going to take,I feel weak...

Oh well it's just my weak self talking~

I took many winter pics.I'd like to share some with you today~

She loves run run~♪

familiar?Ginkaku ji in Kyoto~



いつもなら春は花の展示会がありワクワク忙しいのに、今年はちょっと違う。残念!なんだけど。うーん、こんな感じも人生アリです。最近は少し考え方を広く持てるようになりました。きっと全部必然なのだと。Let it beです。






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Happiest newyear~あけおめ~

Happy New Year



Welcome 2011


2011 is...what year??


yeah it's the year of Rabbit...hehe

This year for me it's gonna be..."Challenging/挑戦"year.What is yours?Anyway...Let's make it HAPPIEST one I will be smiling laughing through the year.




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X'mas fresh flower♪クリスマスのアレンジ2010

Preparing for X'mas yet?


How about fresh flowers for a decoration?I did lessons for X'mas fresh flower arrangement.Share one with you



Image of this arrangement is "X'mas tree"....can you see it? 聖誕樹的印象。。。怎麼樣呢?クリスマスツリーのイメージで作りました。

Red flower is called "X'mas bush".Pink one is "cyclamen".I love pure red~ 紅色的花叫"Xmas bush"。粉色的是仙客來。我很喜歡純粹的紅色。クリスマスブッシュの赤はピュアで素敵です。今年はシクラメンの切り花を使いました。

Purple rose.. named "delilah".One of the most popular kind for purple rose.Familiar??紫色的玫瑰是很有名的種,叫"delilah"。看過沒有呀?紫バラの定番デリーラです。

This carnation,looked closer it has slight pink on petal.How sensitive cutie~.康乃馨有很特別的黃色和粉色。このカーネーション、よーく見ると花弁の先にうっすらピンクが。繊細な色は日本ならでは。

By the way this arrangement starts like this....hehe 這個插了這樣開始。ところで、このアレンジはこんな風にスタートしますヨ。

From top view~.從上面的shot~。上からのショット~

Nice X'mas view in mall

Swarovski X'mas tree❤I love❤I want this❤


Wish for love and peace.Have a happy X'mas day and let's keep its spirit all though the year~

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December~X'mas timeⅠ♪クリスマスそのⅠ

OMG!It's December already~

What have you done?Well I...kind of spending tough time as you know I've been "injured"...sigh.Hopefully I will be super healthy soon coming new year.hehe

Anyway it's X'mas.We all should deserve happy beautiful things

Here we go.This year this "red and white dots" is hot item...I think so^^

For joyful season...

Something warm~

Fake fur is very popular item in this winter,right?I put them on simple brown basket,made it looks warm.今シーズン、マタギのようなフェイクファーはやっぱしマスト!では?(笑)バスケットに張り巡らせました。

Fluffy natural white and brown color cotton inside.Can you see small cookies??ふわふわの天然コットン・白と茶色を入れたバスケットにはプチクッキーが詰まってます(ラドさんがtwitterにて、シールを剥がしたいと言っていたアレ!)

On back screen I used white woolwith spangle^^スパンコール付きの毛糸でバックを張りまし た。

Go with these cuties;Dかわいい奴らも添えて!

Btw,I've got this "dots" idea from....



MURAKAMI...村上さんとかね know??

Another X'mas deco is coming soon

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Let's painting♪陶器画

Let's draw on porcelain plates

Camellia is winter flower in Japan.It's suitable for winter gift and it's popular too~

Started from white blanc porcelain plates,drawing with pencil.真っ白なお皿を並べて下描き。

Draw with light color.薄目の色で1回目の絵付け。

This yellow flower suppose to be in red later.Used yellow for base color this time.Red color changes,it depends on what color I use for base color.今回は黄色を赤の下塗りに使いました。下色によって赤の表情が変わります。

After 1st fire.Fire in 800℃.It has light color.With 2nd and 3rd painting,make them deeper color.800度で焼成して薄目の色を定着させます。

Browm trim color is going to be gold after fired in 800℃ again.茶色の部分は800度で焼成するとゴールドに変わります。金と白金のコンビで使いました。

Red and White is very happy 恭喜color combination in Japan.These plates're ordered for new born baby.Grandma of baby gave presents to relatives.紅白のおめでたいペアプレートはお孫さん誕生の記念に御親戚にプレゼントされました。

Red one turned out to be deep red.This time person who ordered this wanted plates to be sort of casual look,so that I made it brighter color than usual.赤は深みを出すのが難しい。今回は若い方が使いやすいカジュアル感を出しつつ・・・というご要望だったので明るい色見に気を付けました。

Lots of plates...checked them before I wrap.ラッピング前にずらっと並べてチェック~

I thought I won't get order for camellia anymore in this year...yet lucky me got another big order.Let's work hard

もう今年は椿のオーダーは無いと思ったら、また大口入った。ラッキーですね。でも、頑張らなきゃ 同じ絵を描くのは正直ちょっとしんどい。職人さんってすごいなー。

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Romanitc wedding bouquet♪秋色ブーケ

Did a lesson for DIY fresh wedding flower

Bride made her own bouquet!

She did a good job

These are flowers I used for bouquet Chose smoky tone flowers.今回の花材。秋色の「はっきり・ぱっきりしない」トーンのお花を選びました。

Making it from out line to make sure the size of it fits her body.彼女の体の大きさに合うように、ブーケのアウトラインから作って大きさを定めます。

And then to the center...main flower is ROSE.Rose is flower of autumn so it's perfect choice^^そしてセンターへ。バラは秋を代表するお花だから、今回のウェディングにはピッタリです。

Made mini bouquets for her friends too.Lots of work,辛苦了!お友達にあげるミニブーケも作りました。最近は「トス」じゃなくて決めた人に手渡しする人が多い。

I made an arrangement from...left over..hehe.Looks so nice^^isn't it?残った花材をアレンジしときました。十分美しい~。トルコキキョウはやっぱし高貴。

I haven't got her Wedding photos yet.Still dunno if she gives them...if she did,then share her beauty with dress and flowers with you again^^


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Belated autumn report...秋の色々

Beautiful delicious Japanese Autumn...



Driving to mountain side in my area,found pink field.They plant these "Cosmos"flowers every year among rice fields.うちから30分ちょっとドライブしていくと、コスモス畑があります。毎年休耕田に出現するピンクのお花畑。

Close up~.You can see mountain pretty close back there.後ろに山が迫ってます。

Found bee inside^^This place is really quiet that only I can hear was bee buzz....humming.周りがとっても静かなので蜂のブーンしか聞こえません。

Typical edge of rice field...straight!典型的な田舎のたんぼ。真っすぐ。ずーっと真っすぐ。

They have yellow color too^^So bright that it's hard to stare when it's sunny.黄色も半分くらい。晴れてると黄色畑は眩しくて目がちらちらする。

Look at this gorgeous "Mum".This kind of mum is specially raised with lots of care.About 30cm size!I can imagine how big effort to make this beauty.My mum raised by me...gonna show you down there↓:Pめっちゃお手入れされた直径30センチくらいの菊発見!でパチリ。すごいなあ、こんなに手入れできるなんて。私の育てた菊は下↓の方に載せます。

Persimmon柿子tree leaf.It's a miracle they turn into pretty color like this^^柿の紅葉、このまま飾っておきたいくらいきれいになりますネ。

Do you know this??He is one of "summer memory".Cicada shell...on autumn leaf.Season changes...紅葉した葉っぱの上に夏の思い出が。。。蝉の抜け殻。ノスタルジー・・・

Pure white!Love this cool shape.This flower called 秋明菊=autumn bright mum.It gives me very Japanese image but they're originally from China~.ピュアな白がステキ。すっごい日本的!なイメージの秋明菊。中国原産なんだって、知らなかった。

Yeah pure white meat of crab is nice!!isn't it?hehe...It's in season now^^ピュアホワイトな。。。蟹の身もステキ。うまうまな季節になってきました!

Big oyster(rock oyster) is gorgeous too^^It's in season too^^Ahh...looking back this pic,getting hungry:P岩ガキもええよ~。うまうま。身が大きいからミルキーなの。

Autumn is the season of this Japanese noodle too.It's called "Soba"=buckwheet.How it tastes like?It has simple mild flavor itself so we should be careful to feel light sweetness of's kind of difficult.Mostly people making this noodle want to show off their expertise about Soba...really..haha秋は新そば。これは鴨汁ざるそば。そば職人の人ってなんでか「そば」を語るよね~。ま、ラーメンの人も語るけど。麺の人々はうるさい傾向にあるのね。

"Matsutake松茸"Do you know?This is the most expensive mushroom in Japan.Usually 10000yen for big one.I don't know why but it just this way.This mushroom is treasure.Oh...I didn't buy them of course!!:P My customer gave me.This year that hot weather was good for Matsutake to grow,I've heard.今年は松茸がよく取れたらしい。2回ももらった。食べたらもちろんおいしい(気がするのかも)けど、絶対!自分では買わない食材ナンバーワン。同じ1万なら別のものを食べたい・・・ってのはまだワビサビが分からないのか?!

Autumn new wine~red~beautiful^^Ah,,,it's almost gone into my stomach,forgot to take pic before drink...ダイエットしなきゃならないのに・・・やっぱ飲んじゃう。ボージョレーだし。この日はジムで運動している時から「今夜は飲んだる」と思いながらやってた(笑)

This beautiful pink- reds are raised by me.My mum^^この菊は私の。こいつらは水だけやっとけば賢く育ってくれるすばらしい品種です!

And my lulu~^^I think she gained some...maybe she no longer wears sweater from last year..LOLそして、ルル。なんだか若干お肥りになって、去年のセーターがパツパツな感じで・・・。どうしよう(汗)


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