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Comments on TVB's coverage of HK Film Academy Award

I just saw HKFAA on tv, it's showing here on the tvb channel in sf too, first of all, i would certainly like to congratulate all the winners, especially best director, best actor and best actress, somehow i do feel "the way we are" was worth the best picture award more than "ip man", if a film won best director, best actress, best supporting actress and best screenplay, it is hard to believe it couldn't win best picture...

anyway, both are good films and it's more like a subjective choice, so not much to comment.. but then what really pissed me off is the way tvb handled the show... i'm not sure whats wrong with their editing team, the show was heavily butchered and it makes you feel that they had utterly no respect for hk cinema and all the guests...

some of the problems are:

  • a lot of the winning speeches were cut, the craziest one is probably the lifetime acheivement award, i couldn't believe they would cut josephine siao's speech in the midde.. it shows no respect for siao and the award at all!

  • some guest's speeches were cut too, e.g. zhou xun and zhang guo-li's part so obvious. even though they dun have any contract with tvb or they are not as popular as those teen idols, did tvb have to really cut their speech which probably just occupied 1 or 2 mins?

  • the performance was heavily trimmed as well, like the part honoring the deceased, i think i heard the host said there're three singers, including justin lo, but after seeing two in the begnning, it was cut, justin didnt even get a chance to appear, i just wonder if he has done anything wrong and angered tvb? not to mention we couldn't see clearly who actually passed away last year.

  • the part with jacky  cheung and sandy lam's singing was shortened as well, the last part with two songs was gone.

  • the part with the "seven little fook" was certainly cut as well, i guess one of the attractions for the audience is to see how they look like now, but there is not closeup at all for any of them...

i'm not a tv producer and perhaps commercial and client are the most important for tv production, but still, it is kinda unacceptable for a big show to be butchered like that, especially when it's supposed to be a show that celebrates the 100th year of hk cinema...

tvb's boss mr. run run shaw began his media kingdom making films, and it is hard to believe his staff now dunno how to respect cinema at all...

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Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
Yeah, over all It wasn't a well produced show. hosting was sloppy too. I liked the Asian Film Awards more. Still congrats to the winners and I'm glad the way we are took so many awards.
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