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Do you think life is...?

Recently I have been pondering my future, I think about my family, my friends, my goal, my dream and my life in general.

It seems that the more I questions I ask myself, the more ambiguous my mind is, and the more vulnerable and incapable I feel I am. When you try to plan your future and you feel scared because it looks so vague and questionable, it really makes you feel a little uneasy.

I am not sure if anyone of you has this feeling before, sometimes when you really want to get a hold of something, you always fail ...Read more

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Kung Hei Fat Choy! CNY and the most precious...

Happy New Year to everyone here on AnD!

How's everyone spending the NY day? I remember back in the days when I was in HK, I usually spent Day1 visiting my paternal grandparents' house, and then my father would bring us to a movie at night; and on Day2, we went to visit my maternal grandparents' house, but since their house wasn't that big and there're many people, we usually ended up gathering at our uncle's big house. we would spend the entire day eating and playing games, and s...Read more

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wtf, this is KOF???

i enjoy gordan chan's movies, but hey, tell me this thing below has nothing to do with kof... kyo as a white guy again (just like goku...)???? iori without the singature hairstyle???? terry bogard became an old dude???? only nice thing is probably bernice liu as vice...

this film reminds me of "dragonball evolution"....

Video: http:...Read more

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Check this short: Lee's Adventures 李献计历险记

I just came across a very interesting animation short online, and would like to share with you guys and help to promote it a bit. From what I read, the entire thing was made by one person only. This person, who is post80s born in china, works at an advertising agency and spends his leisure time making the animation. He spent 2 years to finish the 20 mins short below.

I think what is amazing about this film isn't really about the technical, since you can tell there are a lot of influences from japanese...Read more

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北斗無雙 Hokuto Musou

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AK100... should I?


Should I...? My wallet has been bleeding nonstop recently... I do own most of the AK films on DVD or VCD and I have seen most of his films before, but this set looks too tempting...

What makes thing worse, in addition to the dvds I mentioned last time, I did take advantage of a sale a...Read more

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Some recent films and thoughts

I've been spending more time at the cinema and on dvd recently, well, sometimes when you realize you are at the lower point of your life, and everything you do end up in vain, the best thing to do is probably just to sit back and enjoy a few movies and read some books to enrich your life, right?

It's interesting that the last few movies I saw are all very good, I mean, usually I only get one good film out of nine or ten I see in a row, but somehow the last six I saw are all not bad.

  1. United Red Army...Read more
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Cinespot on Facebook now! | 動映地帶在Facebook開戶

Cinespot on Facebook!

Some of you may know that apart form making films, I am also a writer and admin of Cinespot.com, a bilingual Asian cinema website. I just set up a fan page for Cinespot.com on Facebook. The purpose of the page is to connect friends and fans of Cinespot. If you happen ...Read more

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Back from Philadelphia

me with other fellow filmmakers from the short film program

I'm just back from Philadelphia, had a great time there looking around and attending the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival.

I spent a day traveling around the downtown, visiting places like the city hall, Chinatown, Museum of Art (the Rocky steps), UPenn and more... Check the photo album I just uploaded for pic...Read more

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Evolution at Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival (Oct 11)


Directors / Producers: Kenji Lui, Vivian Po

Writer/ Editor: Kenji Lui

DoP: Jason Joseffer

Cast: Ka-Yan Wong, Chris Garcia, Joti Nagra Duration: 16mins.

Synopsis: Lois is forced to play a game of life and death with no instruction. She doesn't know she has become the prey of a monster, or is it the other ...Read more

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