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Teaser of Work in progress

Teaser trailer of a short film I am working on. Well, technically, it is more like an exercise, since the entire setup is very simple, just me and a few friends trying to experiment with our equipments and various cinematic language.

We spent a sunny afternoon shooting this one, and perhaps expect one or two more days to finish the rest.

Video: http://vimeo.com/53307642

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Support Yip Wun's new film "The Next Minute"!

If you are in Beijing, please support my friend Wun Yip's new film "The Next Minute"'s screening!  Both Wun and the producer Joe Lau are fellow AND artists!



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Ben Ainslie

I've been pretty busy working lately, not much to update...

came across four time Olympic golde medalist Ben Ainslie at the America's Cup event in SF, his team is competing at the tournament with ten other teams, including team from China...

I did ask him how he managed to maintain top form for such long period of time, i mean, winning four gold in four consecutive olympic is something that is difficult to surpass... (if you include the silver in 1996, that makes it five consecutive awards in 16 years...) Read more

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A Sweet taste of freedom

Make a stand!

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Table Tennis Olympians: Ariel Hsing, Lily Zhang and Timothy Wang

The Olympic game is just right at the corner, last week I got to meet with a few US Table Tennis Olympians before they head to London in July: Ariel Hsing, Lily Zhang and Timothy Wang.

Ariel Hsing, the most charismatic and charming among the three, and she also did remind me of a Korean actress

Read more

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How media controls what we see

It has been ages since I last posted an entry. I've been spending my time writing two screenplays and also working on a video project with some friends.

Anyway, my friends and I went to Oakland and shot some footage last week, it was partly for the project we are doing, and partly because we just wanted to learn more about what is happening after seeing/reading so much about the Occupy movement there.

In the Bay Area, Oakland is always the spotlight of the occupy movement, violent protest, conflicts, gun fig...Read more

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Is film festival as important as it used to be?

I've just read an article and the writer (who is also a filmmaker and film festival programmer) questions the existing value of film festival as the technology of streaming video is becoming more and more advanced.

While I don't totally agree, it is true that if your sole purpose is to reach a wide audience, film festival is no way comparable to streaming v...Read more

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A visit to the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum

Last weekend I didn't have much to do and went hanging out with friends. We came across some posting on the web and found a silent film screening at night...

So we just took a chance and went to the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum, didn't expect anything... but then just realized it is definitely one of the more interesting discoveries of the year..

...Read more
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Osama bin Laden is history...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNYmK19-d0U&feature=featured

I was watching the news just now, seeing the crowd celebration in NY somehow reminds me of the final scene of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi when the rebels are celebrating the Emperor's death...

Will the world become safer? or will there be more bin Laden in the future?

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The common question for bloggers: How to boost your blog views?

Seeing the social media panel ad, it just kinda reminded me of a question I got asked a few times before by my friends:

friends: "Hey, man, your blog sucks, there is no sexy girls and you talk about crap every time, how can you get so many views?"

me: "Thank Edison..."

friends: "...??"

Certainly, reputation is the most important. If you're Andy Lau or Stephen Chow, everyone would like to check out what you are saying, you don'...Read more

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