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Table Tennis Olympians: Ariel Hsing, Lily Zhang and Timothy Wang

The Olympic game is just right at the corner, last week I got to meet with a few US Table Tennis Olympians before they head to London in July: Ariel Hsing, Lily Zhang and Timothy Wang.

Ariel Hsing, the most charismatic and charming among the three, and she also did remind me of a Korean actress

Lily Zhang, the youngest

Timothy Wang, the tallest

All three of them are really nice, sincere and down to earth. All have unique stories that are inspiring and worth sharing. Ariel is lovely and  is filled with positive energy that really make people around her happy; Lily is young but really stay focused when playing; Timothy always shows a calm posture that naturally makes him the big brother of the trio.

I wish them all good luck at the Olympics, and yeah, I've certainly become their fans already! Perhaps it is time to think of doing a documentary soon. :)

(Yes, I know I look kinda strange in suit, it was partly for work, so that's why)

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