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A visit to the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum

Last weekend I didn't have much to do and went hanging out with friends. We came across some posting on the web and found a silent film screening at night...

So we just took a chance and went to the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum, didn't expect anything... but then just realized it is definitely one of the more interesting discoveries of the year..

I really didn't know th at the Niles in Fremont (Yes, SF Bay Area's Fremont!) used to be a film studio (of Essanay studio) about 100 years ago.. and what's more, it's the place Charlie Chaplin made the film "The Tramp" and other silent classics... wow..The museum is so nice..it is very small, but the items display is worth your time (free admission), these antique camera are just placed right in front of u, not behind glass doors or showroom... also must check out the tin-lined projection room.. They do show silent films occassionally (most are free admissions!), and weekend silent film nights with live piano music accompaniment  (donation of $5 for over 2hrs of entertainment, raffle draw, visit...etc...), definitely a must visit for all genuine film lovers![](/attachments/2011/05/23/06/23985_201105230623182.thumb.jpg)Also, the neighborhood itself is very nice. The entire streets are filled with antique stores, and a nice park, very good for a relaxed walk during the weekend!

Check out more pics from album... (too bad didnt bring a good cam., just used my phone to take some)

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