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Fundraising for post-production

Please check out my indiegogo's fundraising page to find out more about my latest film and why money is needed to complete it! Your help is greatly appreciated.



This short film tells a story of two lonely hearts in San Francisco Bay Area. At a time when a great percentage of urban population relies heavily on social networks to communicate, it seems that a relationship can start and end on the internet instantly. Imagination becomes a key component of human bond. Does technology really bring us closer, or vice versa?What We NeedWe are almost done with shooting, and up until now, we have been spending our own money to cover all the production cost. The project started out small and casual so we didn't plan on spending too much in the beginning.

However, when the production moved on, we figured that the outcome, that is, the quality of our work is way higher than we expected, therefore, it began to force us to think more carefully about perfecting it.

We realize it'd be a little difficult to pay for the post-production expense ourselves as the scale of the project is escalating. That's why we decided to give indiegogo a try and see if we can raise some money to make it better. ###

Cost breakdown

A brief explanation of the areas we need money:

  • sound editing / design (We need to hire a sound expert to build up the soundtrack from scratches as we didn't spend too much time on sound recording during production)

  • special effects (There are few scenes that require special effects touch-up)

  • festival submission and participation (We plan to submit the film to various film festivals around the world, and hopefully attend some if possible)

  • promotional events and materials (We plan to produce some promotional materials, as well as organize some small screening events to promote the film)###Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that not everyone can contribute, but even if you can’t, please help us spread the words out and make some noise about our campaign. Thanks a lothttp://www.indiegogo.com/projects/summer-snow?show_todos=true

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